Dear SU Radio listeners and fans,

As an internet-only broadcasting station with Live365 at Southwestern University, we have a very limited budget. It costs about $100 to stay on the air for one month, and this is at Live365's lowest bit-rate plan. Our slim budget is slowly becoming slimmer due to our payments that we must give up every month just to stay on the air. Since we've started, our group has fluctuated and continues to flourish into a well-structured communications organization, and we would like to keep it that way. We have a lot of big goals that we would like to see come to fruition within the next few years, and hopefully, we will be able to carry these out without having to worry so much about simply staying on the air.

While we continue to search for our own ways to raise money in this tough economy, stay on top of school work and our own radio shows/projects, we hope that anyone who is willing to donate even a small amount of money to keep us on the air will do so, and know that you have our greatest appreciation. We want the community to know that SU Radio is constantly working to keep our programming and shows at top quality, for you. Our DJs and officers truly love and enjoy the creative, interactive, technological experience and hope that we can continue such an experience for generations of students to come.

Live365's website gives you the chance to donate gift certificates of broadcasting hours, from the price of $5 to $70. We truly appreciate anything that is sent our way, and if you'd like to use this chance to advertise your business through us (on our website and/or on the air), please let us know in the "extra comments" section, or contact us.

Here's the link to donate broadcasting hours to us: Donate  Our e-mail is

Thank you for your contribution, and please Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns. If you'd like to be involved with us in a different way, please visit our Get Involved section of the website.

Stay cool and stay tuned,

Hannahkate Schaeffer