Fellowship groups

Women’s Fellowship

All women who come to our church(or know someone who does!) are welcome to be part of this group. The purpose of it is for all “the girls” to get together, relax, get to know each other and be an encouragement to each other (not to mention having some well-deserved fun without the husband or kids for those in that cycle of life!).

Approximately every 3 months we have some time out. We do all sorts of different things like go to the movies, out to dinner, we’ve had pyjama parties, pamper nights and craft nights. Interestingly, all activities seem to involve chocolate somehow!

The Women’s fellowship is really recommended as a fun night out and also a good way to get to know people better.
Check the calendar for details.

Men’s Fellowship

All men need to let loose every now and again and just be "blokes" - without the
constraints of the relevant women or children in their lives.
And this is where the men's fellowship is a great source of fun and friendship for the men in our church (and any men who may wish to join in).
Our men enjoy catching up for bacon and eggs cooked on the BBQ, go-karting, rock-climbing, golf, movie nights, game nights, and also the men make the most of the televised sporting events such as football and motor racing.

The men’s fellowship outings are a great way to get to know other men in our church in the context of having a fun and encouraging time. Check the calendar (link) for details of the next men’s outing.


At Southwestern, family events are a great time to catch up too. The children often out-number the adults and their enthusiasm for the activities is always contagious.

Check the calendar for the next family event.

It may be a day at the beach or park, a church picnic, bike riding, or an outing to somewhere a bit different. 

Everyone in our church (and their friends / family) are encouraged to join in on these fun and sometimes adventurous days – regardless of whether they have children.