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We are a mixed group of about 50 people ranging in age from about 3 to 90 years (that's why we say it can be a bit noisy - if you have lively kids they will fit right in!).
We also preserve quiet and reflective times to meet and mix in home groups.
We value our surrounding community and look for opportunities to engage with, and enrich our local area.
Along with that we have connections with workers overseas, such as in Cambodia, and through this we are working to assist and show God’s love in practical ways to families and kids who have very little. 


In a nutshell, we believe the Bible to be God's inspired word for us. We look to the Bible to discover the mind of God and therefore our life values. We believe in the great biblical truth of the Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And we believe that because of the death and resurrection of Jesus we can have salvation by faith through God's grace.


What are the people at Southwestern about?


 The People at Southwestern Baptist are involved in working towards these common goals:

1. To introduce people to Jesus Christ and build them into His family.

2. To grow them in Christ-likeness and equip them for ministry.

3. To release them in mission and always exalt the Lord in worship.

Since the Earliest days of Southwestern Community Baptist Church our vision has been to become a biblcally functioning church where there's transformational teaching, committed relationships, genuine prayer and worship, humble servanthood and the ongoing miracle of people being revolutionised by Christ.


How we structure our church.....


At Southwestern we seek to structure the church around five key areas :


Evangelism - Reaching people with the message of Christ.

Aim: to grow a church more fruitful through evangelism.


Discipleship- Growing committed followers of Christ

Aim: to grow a church more robust through discipleship.


MinistryMobilising disciples in service for Christ.

Aim: to grow a church more effective through ministry.


Fellowship- Caring for the Body of Christ.

Aim: to grow a church more attractive through fellowship.


Worship- Magnifying God by exalting Christ.

Aim: to grow a church more attentive through worship.



SWYTCH is the acronym for our youth and stands for

SouthWestern Youth Teens Cool Hangout


Our Youth are led by Glenn Sadler and Shane Leslie.


The SWYTCH Mission Statement is a phrase that we stand by to remind the people who run SWYTCH what the reasons are for the way we do, run and teach the things we do.


The mission statement is:


“To make Jesus real in our lives and
in the lives of Young People”

For a
comprehensive statement of our church's faith, read 
 To read more about the history of our church read History