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Youth Testimonials

Savannah Cobb:
South Valley Youth Theater, where do I even start?! This theatre has taught me so many things, and I have made so many friends here. I came in as a tiny little 11 year old who had always wanted to be an actor, but had never actually tried out. They welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home. After participating with them once I just kept coming back. Now I have participated in about ten shows in the past two years, and have worked at five different theaters, but I still call SVYT my true home. Without all of the amazing people at SVYT, I would not be where I am today. What makes South Valley Youth Theater different from other theaters in the valley, is that it not only gives you the experience of doing a show, but it helps you learn and grow throughout the entire process. I would recommend this theatre to ANYONE. Whether you are young, or old, an experienced actor, or a beginner: Come to SVYT!

Addie Douglas:
Though I may be considered "newer" to SVYT, I already love it with all my heart! They provide great teaching skills! Before SVYT I struggled highly with dancing (I was best at singing and acting). Recently I've been improving immensely on my dancing because of SVYT. I'm shyer yet I find it so easy to make friends with EVERYONE! With directors, youth leaders, and everyone in the cast! It's for all levels of learning. I could never express how much I love and adore this group. I left with friends even after going to auditions! I haven't met anyone here that is rude or mean. They push you to do your best and the best part is when you get to stand on that stage with them, knowing how much you accomplished. This is absolutely the best and the NICEST (by far) group that I have been in. ❤

Madi Pond:
SVYT has helped boost my confidence like no other theatre I have done. The directors, both youth and adults, have given me so much support through hard times, and when I'm struggling. They give everyone a chance, even Deaf people. Which is fantastic. I have gotten my first lead with South Valley Youth Theatre and it made me feel so extremely special. They take time to talk to everyone, and make sure that everyone feels comfortable with what they are doing. The directors have a no bullying rule, which is extremely helpful because I have been in a few productions where bullying made the play not fun. Everyone gets along, and everyone is friends. They make sure you're comfortable with your roles and if you're not they will make changes for YOU! They take time out of their day to make sure they know your name, and how old you are. It really helps me and all of my friends confidence and I hope it will help you too. 🙂

Justin Hoffer:
South Valley Youth Theater is a great program. I was only involved in one show, and I made a lot of friends and memories. It definitely helped improve my acting abilities and I loved blocking out new scenes. 'Into the Woods' was a blast, and I wish I could do it again! I would recommend this to anyone who would like to have some fun while improving their theater skills. Thank you SVYT!

Liz Stay:
I absolutely love SVYT! I had an absolute blast with this theatre!! The kids and directors are so much fun, and I've never been part of a theatre with such a tight-knit family feel. Right from auditions, I met friendly people, and those friendships strengthened within the musical. This theatre really is family to me, and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it! SVYT was such a thrill, and I hope to meet so many more people through it in the future. Just go audition, and I promise you won't be disappointed!