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Parent Testimonials

Russ Allen:
SVYT has been so amazingly great for my kids! My three oldest children have loved performing in several plays for SVYT. It has given them great experience to receive lead roles at the high school. Beyond the acting, SVYT has created a safe and warm environment for them to develop great friendships and leadership skills. The leaders of SVYT are kind and care about each child. I think kids (especially teenagers) need something they can identify as themselves. That could be sports, music, etc. It helps them to develop self-confidence and a way to relate to other people. SVYT is a place where I know they will be in a good environment. I appreciate what a wonderful place they've developed for my children.

Crystal Fisher:
SVYT is exactly what my kids needed. This company has been amazing for them. It has given them confidence, and helped them develop their talents. They have gained experience that will last a lifetime. The best thing about this theater is that we are truly a family. We love and support each other, and help each other grow.

Alisa Ashby: 
Our family has been involved with SVYT for over 3 years.  Our girls have loved being a part of their community. SVYT has created a safe place for my children of all ages, stages, and abilities to grow and learn. Confidences are honed, personalities explode, hidden talents emerge, and known talents become stronger. We respect SVYT for so many reasons. Firstly, they are a non-profit organization and it absolutely amazes me what they do with no funding.  Everything they earn from one show goes right into the next (and then some). They are masters at making something from nothing, thanks to the fabulous board members, directors, and parent volunteers who give countless hours of service. Another reason why we love SVYT is that they are not in the business of creating "Divas".  They do not cast the same performers in lead roles all the time. Many kids that were looked over in other places have been given opportunities here. Lead performers must play ensemble roles in the next show, in order to give other capable children an chance in the spotlight playing leads and bigger parts. They are a team! They double cast all their lead roles, too, so that more children get a chance. Also, SVYT has worked with, and continues to work with children in our community who have special needs, with a special emphasis to families with deafness. In fact, SVYT provides an ASL interpreter for at least one performance in each show run, bringing this type of entertainment to many families that normally would be excluded. And finally, our girls have made the BEST friends here. They literally go through withdrawals at the end of each performance run and can hardly wait for the next show's practices to begin, so they can surround themselves with friends, old and new. We LOVE SVYT! Come join the FAMILY!!!