South Texas York Rite College #169


Chartered July 31, 1994


College Officers 2017 - 2018



Governor                                                             Gregory F. Eisenhauer
Deputy Governor                                              Errol A. Peña
Chancellor                                                          Jim Owens
Treasurer                                                            Johnny A. Young, PG. PC.
Secretary                                                            Frank York
Primate                                                              Keith Spencer
Preceptor                                                            Jim Owens
Senschal                                                             Clay Elliot
Marshal                                                              Clark Carter
Sentinel                                                               Charles W. Shipley
Stated Meetings: Saturdays in May, August, November and February held at the York Rite Masonic Temple – Located at 1538 Baldwin in Corpus Christi



          The York Rite College is an invitational only body.  All candidates are proposed by members and elected before the candidate is notified. The only entrance is through the door of Service to the various York Rite bodies. The members are designated a “Knight of York”. The oldest known Masonic document is the Regius manuscript dating from 1390 and refers to the year 926 AD in York England during the reign of King Althelstane, grandson of Alfred the Great.

            The York Rite Colleges are governed by the York Rite Sovereign College of North America, which bestows the prestigious “Order of the Purple Cross” on a very limited number of members in recognition for outstanding service. Our College covers the area from Victoria, and Port Lavaca, through Corpus Christi to include the Rio Grande Valley.


Contact: Frank York - Secretary