South Texas Conclave Red Cross of Constantine


Chartered June 6, 1980


Conclave Officers 2014

Puissant Sovereign                              Tommy C. Wimberly
Eminent Viceroy                                   Elmer R. Mitchell
Senior General                                      Joseph M. Causey
Junior General                                      Dillon E. Vanderford
Prelate                                                     Robert M. Loflin
Prefect                                                     Juan G. Peña, Jr.
Standard Bearer                                    Robert E. Wooten
Herald                                                     Quince L. Mitchell
Sentinel                                                  Keith L. Spencer
Treasurer                                                Johnny A. Young
Recorder                                                 Jack E. Beeler
Stated Meetings: Annual Meeting 2nd Saturday in January


Traditional History and Introduction:

            The Red Cross of Constantine is a Christian body blending history, legend and tradition. Members are created Knights in rituals based on the events recorded about Emperor Constantine the Great and the recovery of the Word in the Holy Land. The organization was introduced into the United States in about 1869. The emblem displayed above has a real significance relating to the ritual. Members are decorated with this emblem and a purple sash.

            Membership is by invitation only and cannot be requested. Conclaves are limited in number by our By-Laws and members must be Royal Arch Masons of the Christian faith who have made real contributions to the York Rite and their communities. Candidates are selected without their knowledge by proposal and unanimous vote of the members.


Contact: Jack Beeler