Port Lavaca Chapter #338 Royal Arch Masons


Chartered December 3, 1912


Chapter Officers 2016 - 2017


Most Excellent High Priest             Johnny A. Young, PHP

Excellent King                                   Robert M. Loflin, PHP

Excellent Scribe                                Michael Walker

Treasurer                                           Patrick Dunlap, PHP

Secretary                                           Jack E. Beeler, PHP


Captain of the Host                         

Principal Sojourner                         

Royal Arch Captain                        

Master of the 1st Veil                        

Master of the 2nd Veil                      

Master of the 3rd Veil                       



Stated Meeting: 2nd Thursdays at 7:30 PM Odd numbered Months at

Lavaca Lodge #36 3484 N FM 1090 in Port Lavaca, TX.



            In Ancient Craft Masonry there were three degrees to include the Holy Royal Arch. The Holy Royal Arch was conferred upon on Masters of Lodges Only. Today the degree has been separated and is part of the York Rite. It is in the Royal Arch Degree that the “Lost Word” of a Master Mason is recovered. These degrees complete the Ancient Craft Masonry that was begun when the candidate first entered the inner door of a Masonic Lodge.


Contact: Jack Beeler PHP – Secretary

P.O. Box 962

Port Lavaca, Texas 77979

Phone: (361) 552-9510