South Texas York Rite Bodies

In  “A Brief Application of the York Rite to Daily Life” written by Past Grand High Priest of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas in 1924 is this thought. “Masonry is an ocean of fraternity, and every Mason should sail its broad expanse, because its profound solemnity and matchless beauty can never be appreciated by those who merely wade in the shallows at the shore. The tides have rolled mighty waves upon its bosom, and the storms of centuries have lashed the billows into foam upon its surface, but beneath there have remained, undisturbed, and immutable, the principles of the Brotherhood of Man”. We are bounded by the Brotherhood of Fraternity and knowledge is the key to understanding one another.


South Texas York Rite Bodies

The York Rite Bodies of South Texas is composed of four Chapters of Royal Arch Masons of Texas; four Councils of Royal and Select Masters of Texas; three Commanderies of Knights Templar of Texas; a York Rite College of North America and a Conclave of the Red Cross of Constantine. The area covered is from the Victoria/Port Lavaca area to the Corpus Christi area and the Rio Grande Valley.


Key responsibilities are to coordinate the activities of the York Rite in conferring the degrees and orders of the Rite. It is in the York Rite that the True Word of Master Mason is found. It is the purpose of the York Rite is to bring to the Masonic Brother Light of Masonic Philosophy and Knowledge. It is also in the York Rite that the Christian Mason finds a home with the Brothers of his faith.

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