Hidalgo Council of Royal & Select Masters #353

Chartered December 4, 1928


Council Officers 2016 – 2017


Thrice Illustrious Master                             Robertino Solon

Illustrious Deputy Master                           Bob Carin

Illustrious Principal Conductor                 Oliver Ostorga

Treasurer                                                        Dennis Burleson

Recorder                                                         Ruben Elizondo, PTIM

Chaplain                                                        Samuel Simon

Captain of the Guard                                   Tom Ball, PTIM

Conductor of the Council                            

Steward                                                          Rae Llasos

Sentinel                                                          Walter Green, PTIM


Stated Meetings:  3rd Wednesdays.

Location: Meetings held at San Juan Lodge #1173 at corner of  4th St and Border in Weslaco, TX



            The Council of Royal and Select Masters confer the degrees of Preservation. Once he has received the degree of Select Master he has been said to have passed the “Circle of Perfection” in Ancient Craft Masonry. These degrees complete and explain the Royal Arch Degree. It is here that is explains how the “True Word” was preserved for future generations.


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