Corpus Christi Commandery #57 Knights Templar



Chartered April 11, 1911


Commandery Officers 2017


Commander                                     James L. Owens
Generalissimo                                 Frank York
Captain General                              Roberto Gonzalez
Senior Warden                                Clark E. Carter
Junior Warden                                 John I. Hollowell, II
Treasurer                                          Gregory Ike Eisenhauer, PC
Recorder                                            James D. Bryant
Prelate                                                Johnny A Young, PC
Standard Bearer                               Clay R. Elliott              
Sword Bearer                                    Russell A. Keys              
Warder                                               Darrell D. Dishong
Sentinel                                             Charles W Shipley, PC
Guard                                                 Jose J. Sanchez
Guard                                                 Mark Hofstetter
Guard                                                 Gary L. Tinney

Instructors:                                        Joseph M. Causey, PC
                                                             Johnny A. Young, PC
Stated Meetings:  2nd Thursday at 7 PM. Floor School 4th Thursdays

Location: Corpus Christi York Rite Temple at 2638 Terrace St,



            Chivalric Masonry is found in the Commandery of Knights Templar. These “Orders” requires a Mason to be of the Christian faith. The Orders of Christian Knighthood are the Order of the Red Cross, the Order of Malta, and the Order of the Temple. It has been said that the most beautiful “degree” in Freemasonry is the Order of the Temple. It is one of the most profound experiences for a Christian. Here the Christian Mason may find Masonic fellowship and truth in the Brotherhood of Christian Knights. The Knight Templar Charities are the Knight Templar Eye Foundation and the Knight Templar Education Foundation.


Contact:  – Recorder Tommy C.  Wimberly PC

P.O. Box 366

Corpus Christi, Texas 78403-0366


Updated: June 13, 2011