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Milisa Roitsch - Founder

I have been interested in space since I first started thinking about my future.  Growing up, I would have told you that I wanted to be a payload specialist aboard one of the space shuttles.  After much discouragement, and years of trying to make my way in this world, I finally decided to return to my childhood dreams.
Clearly, I will not become an astronaut, or even be a janitor at NASA.  I am not an engineer, and therefore have no hope of employment at Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Space-X, or any other space-flight related company.  I realized that in order to fulfill my dreams of having a career in space science, I would have to create something on my own.
Well, here it is.  I hope that the South Texas Astroscience Project is only the beginning of what will be a dream come true.  I realize that there are many more people out there just like me, and I hope to one day offer them a second chance at living a life infused with space science.