Consolidated Appeal Process (CAP)

The Humanitarian Work Plan and Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP) is a tool that has been developed by aid organisations in a country or region to raise funds for humanitarian action as well as to plan, implement and monitor their activities. For Clusters, the CAP plays a critical role for funding the activities of cluster members, promoting priorities within the sector, and for advocacy to engage donors in addressing the immediate and anticipated needs of local populations.

The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has the role of managing the CAP development process, and Clusters are responsible for providing sectoral inputs. 

Please click here for information about the 2013 Consolidated Appeal Process 

NEW!! The CAP 2013 for South Sudan is now available online!! You can find the document online at 

 Please find below all information about the Humanitarian Work Plan - CAP 2011 and CAP 2012

The 2011 CAP, known as the Humanitarian Work Plan, is available here. The revised 2011 Humanitarian Work Plan for South Sudan (updated in June 2011) is available here

Please click here for information about the 2011 CAP Mid Year Review.  

Please click here for information about the 2012 CAP Strategy Development and Final Documents

Please click here for information about the 2012 CAP Mid Year Review