CAP 2013

The time for CAP 2013 is here! We are now beginning to reflect on what worked so far in 2012, and think forward to what the needs and strategy for addressing those needs will be for 2013. It is also a time for agencies to consider how they want to participate in the Education Cluster moving forward, and what plans they want to include in the Consolidated Appeal. 

We are hoping to learn from your experiences about the emergency needs and what makes an efficient and effective response to ensure that we are stronger in our responses to acute emergencies in 2013. This will only be possible if we come together to jointly decide our strategy and consider the resources we need to meet the needs of children and youth affected by conflict and natural disasters in South Sudan. 

There are three main parts to the process: 
  • Review of achievements in 2012 (January - September): Partners have been requested to provide updates on progress towards our shared objectives and targets, including sharing the level of funding available per agency. This gives donors a picture of what we able to achieve for children and youth affected by emergencies in South Sudan with their investment, as well as the gaps and challenges.
  • Cluster Strategy Development: This is where we define the Education Cluster's approach for 2013. What are the key components of emergency education response? What are we committing to do, and what are we asking donors to fund? There will be a series of face-to-face meetings to collaboratively reflect on our work, at state and national level, as well as an online consultation questionnaire. (August/September)
  • Agency Proposal Development: This is where national and international NGOs and UN agencies propose emergency education projects that they intend to implement in 2013, inline with the Cluster Strategy. There will be formats to complete and a peer review panel providing feedback and recommendations (October).
  • Finalization of CAP 2013: This is where OCHA and heads of agencies at national and global levels do the final polishing of the CAP 2013 document before it is globally launched (November).
 The CAP 2013 for South Sudan is now available online!! You can find the document online at 

Documents and Maps
CAP 2013 Proposal Development
Consultations - Reflection on 2012 and Planning for 2013
As part of preparations for drafting the Education Cluster Strategy for 2013, the National and State Level clusters undertook a number of consultative reflections and planning processes:
CAP 2013 Preparation Workshops
In order to encourage more national and international NGOs to provide education in emergencies in South Sudan, the National Education Cluster organised a three day training workshop that aimed to provide participants with:

  • A thorough understanding of the humanitarian planning and funding mechanisms in South Sudan;
  • Strengthened technical project design and proposal writing skills to ensure quality, inclusive and accountable emergency interventions
  • Knowledge of the process for full participation in the development of CAP 2013 for South Sudan, in line with the Education Cluster strategy and key tools and standards
The Workshop was a great success, with 11 national and 4 international NGOs represented. To download the training materials, please click here; for the presentations, click here

Education Cluster Partners are invited to the OCHA Technical Workshop on the 24th September, 1.30- 3.00pm at the OCHA conference room in Juba. Updated Project Sheet templates and guidance will be given at this workshop.

CAP 2013 Partner Project Sheets
For the Project Sheet template in Word format, for initial drafting processes (only!) by agencies, please click here. Education Cluster partners will be requested to use the Word format for ease of editing, tracked changes and comments up until the final version submission point. Final versions will be in Excel format as per the Online Project System requirements.

Project Sheet templates for CAP 2013 can be found here.

35 project sheets submitted by partners  out of which 28 were accepted by the Peer Review as part of the Education Portfolio. The Panel assessed how far each project: targeted vulnerable populations and under served geographical areas; had a feasible budget and timeline; was in line with the Cluster strategy. 
High priority: 14 project sheets 
Medium priority: 9 project sheets 
Low priority: 6 projects 
The Education CAP 2013 Portfolio amounts to 32,875,637 $. To access the summary of all accepted CAP project sheets you can download the NEW  CAP 2013 for South Sudan