The Education Cluster is a coordination mechanism to ensure that all actors - Ministry of Education, UN agencies and NGOs - work together to ensure all children and youth affected by crises in South Sudan have access to protective education opportunities.  Education is a fundamental human right for all people and is particularly critical for children and youth affected by conflict and disasters. 

This website is a forum for information sharing between the Education Clusters at National and State levels, as well as between cluster partners. Please send any questions or contributions for the website to or  

Functional areas of work for the Education Cluster:

In order to provide effective coordination of education in emergencies, the Education Cluster works on the following key areas:
  • Coordination of emergency response
  • Capacity development
  • Advocacy and Resource Mobilization
  • Information Management, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Planning and strategy development
  • Action on priority cross-sectoral and cross-cutting issues

Education Cluster Objectives 
  • Provide a national coordination forum in which all relevant organisations work together to support the Government of South Sudan to address education related issues in current and potential future emergencies;
  • Ensure the development of a comprehensive program of activities related to education in emergencies across planning and strategy development, application of standards, preparedness, capacity building, emergency response through to rehabilitation and recovery; supported by monitoring and evaluation, policy and advocacy;
  • Strengthen the education sector’s contribution to integrated humanitarian responses, including targeting those most at risk, giving due attention to priority cross-cutting issues such as psychosocial support, gender, diversity/inclusiveness, HIV/AIDS and human rights.

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