Volunteering for various fundraising events is paramount to our clubs survival. By completing these fundraising events we are able to keep our player fees as low as possible. In order to make these events manageable we need EVERYONE to pitch in and help out.

Upcoming Opportunities:

Open Water Tournament (July 10 & 12): The tournament is at Foster Lake outside of Sweet Home. We are running the table for the East course on Monday and Wednesday. For each game there are 4 slots available for each game and at least 1 must be a parent. There are 24 games to cover for us to cover spanning the 2 days (12 games per day).

Salem Art Fair & Festival (July 21-23): The Art fair in Bush Park begins with some setup Thursday evening, then we are expected to man our station for the duration of the event. We are responsible for the collection, sorting and turning in of cans and bottles. We receive compensation for working the event and 50% of the proceeds from the cans and bottles.

The general expectation is Saxon players who are at the Open Water Tournament are expected to volunteer to work the table at the tournament (for WVWP players/parents: volunteering at the table does NOT count towards required WVWP volunteer hours). It would be great having those not competing in the tournament to come up and volunteer, but not expected. Everyone, who is able, is encouraged to volunteer some time at the art fair.

Please click on the link(s) below to signup for a time slot. Empty slots at either event will be filled via recruitment (going out and gathering help, especially at the tournament). These are fun events to work at and lead to some great comradery between players and parents.