The Workshop

The Southridge National Writers’ Workshop

            The Workshop brings together the top 15 male high school creative writers for a 5-day Workshop with some of the biggest names in literature. The Workshop will be patterned after the National Writers Workshops organized annually by UST, UP, Siliman, DLSU and Ateneo. The big difference, of course, is that this is a high school affair.

            The 15 will be chosen based on their submitted entries: either a collection of 5 to 10 poems, or 2 to 3 short stories. In other words, the Workshop will be on poetry and fiction.

           The objective is very noble. We hope to form these future writers to be responsible and genuinely eager to serve society.

            Our dream is to see these writers eventually winning the different national literary competitions, making a name for themselves in the field in the coming years.  And they will hopefully acknowledge that Southridge Creative Writing Center shall have become the cradle of future literary greats in the country.

    For more information about the Southridge National Writers Workshop, please call the Southridge Creative Writing Center at tel. no. 842-05-06 Local 149; or 0919-809-93-30.