Convergence 3 Literary Folio

The Official Literary Publication of PAREF Southridge School

 Two hundred pages of the best poems written by the Creative Writing Elective Class of 2006-07, and the best five Plays of Plautus of the past 7 years.


Of Poets & Playwrights



A celebration of drama and poetry


Southridge has always had a love affair with words. From the early years of the school, our students have always been known to excel in language and literature. Only three years after we opened, two of our high school students declared supremacy in the spoken word by brining home trophies from the British Council Shakespeare Speechfest, beating opponents from some of the top universities. That accomplishment of Nonie Buencamino (now a respected actor in the movie industry) and Mike Mapua (now a Southridge Dad and successful businessman) would be repeated by other great speakers from Southridge throughout the 80’s and 90’s, to be capped in 2002 by Eric John Paredes, who would represent the country in that year’s World Debaters’ Championship in Peru. Our debating team, Podium, continues to make waves in the field, winning in various competitions organized throughout these past years.


Southridge’s supremacy in the written word is even more pronounced. Last year, the school paper, The Ridge, became the first ever recipient of the “Hall of Fame” Award in the prestigious “Catholic Mass Media Awards” (CMMA) Students’ Category, for winning as the “Best Campus Paper” (High School) for four consecutive years. The winning streak continued as Junior Ridge brought home the trophy for this year’s CMMA Awardee for Best Campus Paper (Grade School).


The publication of Convergence 1 in 2004 only cemented Southridge’s reputation as one of the premier schools for high school literature and creative writing in the country. The following year, the publication of Convergence 2 and Junior Convergence proved to everyone that it was not just a fluke. Thus, it did not come as a surprise that Southridge was by then, ready to set up its own Creative Writing Center, a move that immediately caught the attention of several creative writing centers of the top universities in the country. This year, Southridge makes a mark once more with this new folio which contains original poems and plays. This special issue contains some of the best plays produced by the students in the annual Plautus Competition, another clear proof of Southridge’s superiority in the raging war of the written word among the best schools. This publication makes it very difficult for the rest to cope. Anyone who reads these plays will surely be left in awe. The creativity is very palpable. The hold on the language is unambiguous. This collection is a testament to the high level of creative writing the school has achieved.


The first part contains some of the best works of poetry produced by the students of this year’s Creative Writing Elective Class. There are gems to be discovered here. Some of them are truly enjoyable in their rhythm and remarkable in their depth. Read them slowly and be ready to get surprised.


This is one convergence you will be delighted to have encountered.