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September 10, Wednesday

Science: Quiz tomorrow, pp. 355-361. Long Test on Tuesday.

Civics: Study: Muslim people; Dutch and British Invasion. Finish the activity today. 

September 4, Thursday

Filipino: Discussion Paper due tomorrow 9:20 a.m.

2 pages minimum. Format: Arial 12, 1.5 left and 1.0 all

Double-spaced; letter-size

Homework: Magbasa ng Liham; Uri ng Liham; Format ng Liham; email 

August 22, Friday

Computer: send your resume in HTML to maxime952003@yahoo.com. Due on Monday, 5 p.m.

Answer pages 5,9,16 and 23

Math: Solve nos. 31-36, 39, p. 719

Filipino: Finish the Drawing , due on Tuesday

August 20, Wednesday

Civics: Research on Bangsa Moro Juridical Entity; GRP and BJE agreement; What is happening in Mindanao

Science: What are the 7 oceans, 4 major oceans; 7 seas; importance of the different bodies of water

Language Arts: p. 52, 1 to 10; pp. 58 - 59, 1 to 14. 

August 11, Monday

Religion LT tomorrow! Please study! 

Science: Submit Rocket by tomorrow

Filipino: Submit final output of quarter + the 2 outputs tomorrow. 

August 7, Thursday


LTs tomorrow: Filipino, Reading, Math

Science: Finish the Rocket Project at home. Due on Monday. Have LT signed (if not yet signed). 

August 6, Wednesday

Reading: LT on Friday. Coverage is "Salvation"

Language:LT coverage: Tenses: simple, progressive, perfect. Tense shifts. Subject-Verb agreement.

Math: Added to the coverage: Radicals. LT on August 8. 

August 4, Monday

Civics: LT on August 7 covering Legazpi, Christianization, Galleon Trade. Book pages 21 to 45. Study notes, book and quizzes.

Science: Tarpaulin due August 4 - 6. Raket Experiment on August 6 to 8. LT Coverage: 291 to 299; 310 to 328 (Heat Transfer, Air Movement; frost; severe weather; Maps, Scales and Station Model.

Reading: Finish PT at home. check mysrclass.googlepages.com by 6:00 p.m. for the worksheets.

August 1, Friday

Science: LT on August 5 covering pages 291 to 299 and pages 310 to 328: Heat Transfer, Air Movements, Weather, Station Model, Frost, Severe Weather, Scales

Filipino: Submit output on Monday: Folder form

Last Name


Filipino 7

Mr. Arevalo

Double-spaced, 1.5 left; 1.0 all, Arial 12, Short bond paper, short envelope

Math: LT on August 7 

Quiz on Monday on Exponents

Civics: LT on August 7 - Legazpi, Christianization, Galleon Trade 

July 22, Tuesday

Please wear black shirt tomorrow for our Intrams. Or bring P100 if you want to buy the GSSC shirt.

Science: PT Materials - Tarpaulin 80 cm x 100 cm

Rocket: Empty 1.5 L bottle; tape; rubber cork; inflation needle; air pump; colored folders; scissors; 3 paints (1 white; 2 any colors); water; small brush


Social: Review Magellan, Legazpi and Christianization


July 17, Thursday

Filipino: LT moved to Tuesday

Social Studies: Read Unit III and Legaspi

Language Arts: On Size 1: Write a topic cluster on "Moments of Discovery" (as many moments; pick 2 you like)

Performance Task of LT on Tuesday 

July 16, Wednesday

Social Studies: Answer page 21 in Notebook.

Filipino: Coverage for tomorrow's LT: TALATA - Pangungusap at Bahaging Pangungusap. Diwa, Lohika and Empasis ng Talata 

July 14, Monday

Filipino: Finish the 2nd Test at home

Science: Bring (for each group): 2 aluminum cans; 1 black construction paper; 1 white construction paper; cold water/ice

 For all: Bring apron for Science.


July 10, Thursday

Please study for tomorrow's LT in Religion: on Confession, Sins, St. Josemaria, The Apostles, Introduction to Church History

Math: Libretto due tomorrow. Title: The Southridge Book of Amazing, Intriguing and Little Known Facts


July 9, Wednesday

Social Studies: LT on Monday covering: handouts, history, primary source, Units 1 and 2, the quizzes and notes

Language Arts: LT moved to Tuesday

Science: Bring tomorrow: 3 aluminum soda cans; 3 deflated rubber balls; air pump; inflation needle; ice cube in a bucket

Religion: LT on Friday covering Sins and confession; St. Josemaria and Corpus Christi; The 12 Apostles and Roman Decadence at the time of Our Lord 

July 8, Tuesday

Science: bring 3 aluminum soda cans; 3 deflated rubber balls; air pump; inflation needle; ice cubes in a bucket.


Congratulations for 100% Gala Attire again! The best talaga!

July 7, Monday

Science: Long Test on Wednesday: Drugs - Definition; Levels of Drug Abuse; 3 Kinds of Drugs; 5 Classifications of dangerous drugs

Atmosphere: definition; what makes up the atmosphere; 5 layers and their properties; ozone layer


Social Studies: Long Test scheduled on Monday


Religion: Long Test scheduled for Friday: Confession; Sins; St. Josemaria; Corpus Christi; Introduction to Church History; Church and churches; The 12 Apostles

Language Arts: Long Test this Thursday: Sentence Types; IC/DC; Minimize Tense Shifts; SV Agreement

Reading: Long Test on Wednesday: "A Day's Wait"; "Thank You, Ma'm"; Theme; Conflict; Characters; Vocabulary 

GALA ATTIRE TOMORROW for our Student Assembly! Let's go for 100%! 


July 3, Thursday

Language Arts: Long Test next week, Thursday: Sentence Types; ICYDC; Minimizing Shift Tense; SV Agreement

Science: Cover Science Book please (3 pt deduction if you don't)

Filipino: Make a listing with 10 subconcepts on "Ang Pang Pagpapahalaga sa Sariling Paniniwala"

Social Studies: Read pp. 13 - 19

Math: Design due on July 10 

June 30, Monday

Social: Read pages 1 to 9

Religion: Be able to answer the questions: What are the Marks of the True Church? How do you know if a Bible is Catholic or Protestant?

Filipino: Make an arrangements using logic like the shapes activity in class using these: 1. Batman; 2. Superman; 3. Hulk; 4. Ironman; 5. Robin; 6. Wonder Woman; 7. Hawte Girl; 8. Flash; 9. Green Lantern; 10. Martian Man Hunter; 11. Spiderman


June 26, Thursday

Filipino: Answer the following question (typewritten, following the same format): Bakit ako bumuo ng Talata?

Social: a) Finish the two worksheets b) Look for an artifact that is about you or your family history

Math: Answer Lesson 13 "Need More Challenge?"

Science: Discuss with your group the activity on your Science Notebook

June 25, Wednesday

Reminder: Gala Attire on Friday (June 27)

Language Arts: Do the HW sheet given in the notebook. 

Math: Bring 1 kg again. 

June 19, Wednesday

Filipino: Answer the following question for discussion in Filipino: "Paano nagkakaugnay ang diwa ng pangungusap at ang diwa ng talata?"

Social: Read notes for a quiz tomorrow

Language: Do minimizing tense shifts : handout page 3.

June 17, Tuesday

CONGRATULATIONS! 100% Gala Attire! The Best! 

Filipino: Be prepared on TALATA 

Science: Bring coloring materials, drawing materials, Oslo Paper (2 to 3 pcs.)

June 16, Monday


Filipino: Read and be ready to discuss TALATA. 

June 13, Friday

Groupwork due on Monday. Submit to Chen Chen by 7:20 a.m.

June 12, Thursday

Filipino: Type the second Size 1 you made in school. Submit tomorrow (Arial 12, short bond paper, double-spaced)

Left Margin: 1.5 inches

Bottom/Top: 1 inch

Right: 1 inch

Prepare 4 copies

June 11, Wednesday

Social Studies: answer in computer or SS notebook: 1) What is history; 2) What are the primary source documents?

Language: Bring * short brown envelope and * dictionary


June 10, Tuesday

- First day of school! Reviewed school policies and discipline plan. 

- Mr. Danny Reyes, the New Executive Secretary of the School, visited the classroom, accompanied by Mr. Kawada

- photo shoot in front lobby 

Please bring PE attire tomorrow. Friday : Mass of the Holy Spirit

Absent? Check here for reminders, workload, assignments, etc. by 4:30 p.m.