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Virtues of the Southridge Gentlemen 

STUDY A southridge Gentlemen resolves to know what is right. He studies seriously, learns continually, and thinks in a Christian way.

ORDER A Southridge Gentlemen knows that virtues are forged in work. He puts everything in its place. For him. God is first, others second, himself last.     

TRUTHFULNESS A Southridge Gentlemen seeks the truth,loves the truth and humbly tells the truth. He knows himself and lets himself be known.

CHARITY A Southridge Gentlemen is caring, respectful, understanding and refined. He serves others, especially the needy

GENEROSITY  A Southridge Gentlemen gives his whole self to great and noble ideals. He strives to work as the best or better than the best. 

OBEDIENCE A Southridge Gentlemen is one with his family, his community his country and all peoples. He obeys all authority, beginning with his elders and teachers.

LOVE FOR GOD A Southridge Gentlemen says yes to God's call to be holy. He prays to know and to do the will of God at all times.

FORTITUDE A Southridge Gentlemen conquers all fear. He never gives up in the fight to do what is best.

SELF-DISCIPLINE A Southridge Gentlemen is a master of himself and his feelings. He dows not put his heart in material things.

CHEERFULNESS A Southridge Gentlemen is a confident son of God. He sows peace and joy wherever he is.

LOYALTY A Southridge Gentlemen holds firmly to his principles and commitments. He is dedicated to fulfill the Southridge mission..

RESPONSIBILITY A Southridge Gentlemen gives each one his due. He takes charge of all his duties without fail.