Religion Pointers for 1st Quarter Exam

This is the list of everything we covered in 1st Quarter. It's easy to get an S. Just know every item in this list.... 


Grade 7D



5 Steps to a valid Confession

Mortal Sin and Venial Sin

Jesus Presence: Body, Blood, Soul, Divinity

Seal of Confession

Process: Venerable, Beatification, Canonization

Decadence: 1. Gladiatorial 2. Vomitorium 3. Impurity 4. Incest 5. Paganism

Churches: Iglesia ni Kristo of Felix Manalo; Pentecostal Church in Arkansas; Aglipayan of Isabelo de los Reyes and Aglipay (Schismatic); Jehovah’s Witness: Charles Russel of Pensylvania; Seventh Day Adventist ; Mormons or  Church of Latter Day Saints (1829, Joseph Smith met Prophet Moroni); Methodist Church of John and Charles Wesley; Anglicans or Church of England, Henry VIII; Lutherans of Martin Luther in 1517: Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide


Catholic Faith: Bible, Tradition and Magisterium


4 Marks of the True Church


Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur

12 Apostles

Peter: 1st Pope; crucified by Nero upside down; June 29 Feast

Andrew: brother of Peter; Nov. 30; X-Cross

James the Greater: conversion of Spain; witness of first apparition of Mary; 1st Martyr among the Apostles

John the Evangelist: youngest and favorite; 12 yrs old; author of Revelation/Apocalypse; died in Ephesus; symbol is Eagle; brother of James; Chalice because of “possumus”; exiled in Pathmos

Judas: hanged himself

Philip: “can anything good come out of  Nazareth?”

Batholomew: skinned alive; brought Christianity to India

Thomas: doubter; stoned to death; reached Far East

James the Less: Bishop of Jerusalem; stoned to death

Matthew: Tax collector; martyred in Arabia or Egypt; symbol is carrying a short sword/dagger;

Jude: Thaddeus; Patron of the Hopeless;

Simon Zealot: crucified in Persia; went to North Africa and Persia



313: Edict of Milan




Why spread?

1. sublime doctrine of the Gospels appealed to a Roman world weary of the unsatisfying pagan religion, with its degrading moral code

2. the promise of eternal life of God was a consolation that attracted a vast number of slaves and poor people

Marx: Communism – Religion is the opium of the people

3. Idea of a universal church was easily intelligible to people who had lived under the Roman Empire, which was a highly centralized world power, with representatives even in the farthest province


1. The apostolic teachers were aided by gift of miracles

2. Greek language, and to a lesser extent, the Latin language were medium of expression which Christian missionaries : Lingua Franca

3. The great Roman roads made it possible for missionaries to travel all over the known world

4. Many Roman soldiers became zealous Christians





St. Cecilia


St. Lawrence


St. Ignatius of Antioch – “Catholic Church”

Council of Jerusalem









St. Athanasius/Athanasian Creed – Ecumenical Council

Patristic Writings/Fathers of the Church

Albigensian Heresy

St. Dominic and the Rosary

Constantine, Milvian Bridge: In hoc signo vinces!

St. Helen

4 Major Basilicas of Rome: Peter’s; Paul Outside the Rome; Maria Major; John Lateran

Monasticism: Monks; St. Anthony of Pachomius; St. Benedict and St. Scholastica

St. Basil: Father of Monasticism in the East

Split of East and West:

  • filioque
  • geographical problem
  • communication
  • view of the Pope
  • Islamis influence


Islam means submission to God

5 Obligations