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Daring Darters

The Best There is in Southridge! 

This is the official site of Grade 7D of PAREF Southridge School 


We are destined to be the best Class in Southridge!

We are driven to excel!

We are 7D!


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Class Adviser: Mr. Mann Rentoy

7D is made up of: Luis Gabriel ARCE, Francis Nathan CASTRO, Juan Miguel Sebastian CEBALLOS, Ronald CLAVANO Jr., Francesco Nicolo DE LEON, Marco DE VERA, William DELA CRUZ, Jeremiah Christien DELA CRUZ, Gene Maxime ESPELETA, Jaime Gabriel Emmanuel GERODIAS, Paolo Antonio GIRONELLA, Michael Justin GUZMAN, Daniel Alexander Xedric JAVELLANA,  Daniel Carlo LAJARA, Jose Patricio MEDALLA, Luis Gabriel MIRANDA, Kyle MITSCHIENER, Danilo Jose Marie NAVARRO, Basilio Jilbo OLIVARES III, Miguel PEREZ, Dominic Gabriel PUMAREGA, Josemaria RUSTIA, Gino     SAMPEDRO, Josemaria Federico SINGSON, Enrique Juan IV STA. ANA, Jose Leandro TUASON, Rafael VILLAMOR, Timothy Candido YANG, Samuel Melo VILLAROMAN

The 7D Daring Darters Class Officers:

President: Chen-Chen Dela Cruz

Vice-President: JP Medalla

Treasurer: GM Espeleta

Secretary: Joby Sta. Ana

PRO: Meeko Rustia

MAL: Jilbo Olivares and DJ Navarro

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Thank you, dear parents, for allowing your sons to join us in the Enchanted Kingdom Adventure (July 12). We were the first Class in Southridge to ever go this year......leading the pack again!

Thank you, dear parents for the beautiful flowers for our Wednesday Devotion (July 9). It was truly a beautiful offering!

Thank you for the big support! The Corpus Christi Procession was a huge success because of everyone's participation! 

Congratulations for the 4th 100% Gala Attire (August 1)! At this point, it's very clear! Truly the best in Southridge!

Congratulations for the 3rd 100% Gala Attire (July 7)! We're getting there......being truly the best in Southridge! 

Congratulations again for 100% Gala (June 27!)

Truly the Best!

Congratulations for 100% Gala (June 17)!
The Best! 

Visit our MULTIPLY SITE: http://southridge7d.multiply.com

MANN RENTOY's Contact Numbers:

Cellphone: 0919-809-93-30

Email: mannrentoyy@yahoo.com

Residence: 02-842-13-01

YM: mannrentoyy

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