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July 27, 2017 Morgan Callan Rogers - 7 PM Morgan Callan Rogers’s first novel, Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea is set in Maine as is her new book, Written on My Heart.

Morgan Callan Rogers Biography

Morgan Callan Rogers was brought up in Bath, Maine and lived in a cottage on the New Meadows River in West Bath with her family during summers. It was there she began to write and illustrate her own horse stories, then rock star stories.

During her adolescence she was afraid of the dark, but used to listen to the radio to soothe her to sleep. Unfortunately, she tried to read the first part of Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood”. When she reached the pages where the daughter, who had been listening to her radio in her room, was murdered, it ruined Callan Rogers’s theory that nothing bad could happen as long as she was listening to music.

She began to make up stories to put herself to sleep. These elaborate dramas were filled with character development, setting, descriptive details, passion, and dialogue, and were critical to her learning how to create a world and to write fiction.

Currently, she is a part-time reporter for the Boothbay Register, a teacher, and a novelist. In her life, she also has been an actress, a blues and jazz singer, a house cleaner, a librarian, a children’s librarian, an administrative assistant, and once had brief stints performing in oversized costumes as The Cat in the Hat and Mrs. Berenstain of Berenstain Bear fame.

Florine Gilham, the main character in both “Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea” and “Written on My Heart”, entered Callan Roger’s imagination with her own strong voice intact. She first appeared in a short story as a middle-aged woman with a husband and two grown children.

“I wrote the story as Florine dictated it, and presented it at a writer’s workshop. A participant had a question about a difficult relationship, so I thought I’d explore why that was with a little backstory. This exploration turned into Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea,” Callan Rogers said.

Red Ruby Heart tells the story of 12-year old Florine Gilham. It’s 1963, in a small Maine fishing village called The Point. Florine is the only child of Carlie and Leeman Gilham. Her beloved grandmother, Grand, lives just across the road. She has three best friends, and they’ve known each other since birth. Life is good, until her mother, Carlie, disappears while on a girl’s weekend with a friend. The novel takes Florine through the pain and grief of wondering what has happened to her mother, while going through a rocky adolescence during the tumultuous 1960s. While this is grim, remember, these are Maine characters with a pragmatic, unsentimental, and wry way of seeing the world, so humor is never too far below the surface.

The novel sold in five countries, including Italy, Australia, Spain, and Germany. It was number three on the German fiction bestseller list the year it was published. Viking published it in the United States in 2012.

Mare, the German publisher, requested a sequel to Red Ruby Heart, which resulted in “Written on My Heart”, the further trials and tribulations along with some wry and funny parts concerning the lives and relationships of Florine Gilham, Bud Warner, Dottie Butts, and Glen Clemmons.

The author lives in West Bath with her rescued cat, Petula Mae. Her neighbors include several bold foxes, some nervous chipmunks, a red squirrel that lives in the woodpile, tree frogs, assorted corvids and raptors, seagulls, and the occasional owl.

In the fall, she will teach at St. Joseph’s College in Standish, Maine as an adjunct professor. She is working on her third novel.

She is delighted to have been invited to read at the Southport Memorial Library and thanks all concerned!