Food For Thought

The following chess challenges are design to encourage you to think closely about a position and how you can capitalize upon it.

 No  Set By
 The Challenge
 19.  David Hull  Black to move and checkmate in two. Can you see how?
 18.  David Hull  Black sets a checkmate trap to gain a knight. How?
 17.  Kevin Walsh
 Under threat, White maintains his advantage. How?
 16.  Karl Nadin  White makes a great escape. How?
 15.  Brian Haslem
 White gains any early advantage. How?

 14.  David Hull
 Smothered Mates - learn to spot the patterns
 13.  David Hull
 Back Rank Wedge Check Mates - learn to spot the patterns
 12.  David Hull
 Some Check-mate exercises from real games- test your skills

 11.  Kevin Walsh
 Check-mate in six - would you have spotted it?
 10.  David Hull  The Art of Sacrifice. How would you spoil Black's day?

 9.   David Hull  An alternative approach to puzzle solving. Is it easier backwards than forwards?
 8.   David Hull  Our latest P f t T. Some real opportunities for White. Can you find them?
 7.  David Hull
  More puzzles from the Times. Can you solve them?
 6.  David Hull  Puzzles from The Times. White to move and win. How?
 5.  Johnathan Rothwell   A Hidden Opportunity - Can you find it?
 4.  David Hull
 Botvinnik's 1929 Challenge - is it obvious to you?
 3.  David Hull
 Always examine all legal moves, including 'daft' ones...  Your move!
 2.  David Hull
 Explore the tactic of "Removing the Guard" - a series of related exercises
 1.  David Hull
 "Whenever I push a Rook defensively this early in a game I always come a cropper" but as Black I couldn't see any way to capitalize on this move by White. What did I miss?