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Southport through to next round of the Knotty Ash Cup

posted 24 Sep 2017, 10:27 by Kevin Walsh
 On Monday 18th Septemeber Southport's Knotty Ash team travelled to Waterloo to play in the first cup round of the season.
 On completion of the last game the score stood at Waterloo 2.5 Southport 2.5; but application of the "Board Count" tie-breaker rule meant that Southport were declared the winners and thus progress to the Quarter Finals which will be held in December.

 Individual results were:
Waterloo               Southport
Steve Jenkins 0     Carl Kennedy 1
Paul Treble 0         James Foy 1
Mike Crean 0.5     Peter Jenner 0.5
Chris Burr 1          Johnathan Rothwell 0
Jim Moran 1         Steve James 0

 Note: The Board Count rule is applied by  adding up the board numbers won by each team. The team with the lowest total is the winner.
 So in this match Waterloo's board count was 9, but Southport's was just 3