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A Christmas Chess Story

posted 5 Dec 2017, 22:40 by Kevin Walsh
  This story was written by Paul Dansey, who tutors our Junior Club members, and hss been published in the Chessgames Winter 2015 Newsletter

 It was early Christmas Eve in Santa's workshop.

The enormous room was filled with toys and other presents ready for delivery by Santa. In one area there were piles of chess sets. As it was a magical time the toys were able to come alive.

A little plastic pawn climbed out of his plastic box. He looked around, there were thousands of plastic chess sets piled up to the ceiling.

Nearby he saw another chess set it was made of gold and silver and covered in precious stones, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Standing by this jewelled box was the figure of a warrior carrying a spear and shield. He was made of gold and also covered in sparkling stones.

He said, "I am a very important king's pawn and my set is going to be a present for an Arab prince. We are worth over a million pounds."

The plastic pawn was amazed.

Nearby he saw a wooden set with a wooden pawn with a similar shape to the plastic pawn but made of polished rosewood.

This wooden pawn said, "My set is going to be used in the next World Chess Championship and it costs over a thousand pounds."

The plastic pawn was very impressed.

He went back to his box, feeling sad and very unimportant.

Santa came round and said to the little pawn, "Do not be sad. You are going to be in the stocking of a young chess player who has asked me especially for a chess set so they can practice at home and improve for when they play games at their junior chess club. 

I have had letters from lots of young chess players asking for chess books or chess sets for Christmas so they can get better at playing this wonderful game.

The jewelled chess set and the championship chess set are not going to be used much but your set is going to have a lot of use. You are going to give a lot of fun to the young chess player
. So remember: all pawns are important".

Copright Paul Dansey 2014