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New Venue for Chess Club!

posted 18 Nov 2018, 13:17 by Kevin Walsh

 Southport Chess Club now meets at the Central Club, Bath Street. The same place as before but no longer the Conservative Club which has changed its name to the Central Club.

Lightening Tournament Results

posted 31 Aug 2018, 11:37 by Kevin Walsh

 The pre-season Lightening Tournament proved very popular. The 14 entrants played 5 rounds with opponents being drawn in the "Swiss style" in which players are matched according to their scores in previous rounds. Each player had to move on alternative buzzers which sounded every 10 seconds.

James Foy emerged as the outright winner of the tournament having scored 5 out of 5; Peter Jenner was runner up with 4 out of 5, Phil Ramsey came 3rd with 3.5 out of 5.

The first match of the season sees the 2nd Team travelling to Hoylake for a Merseyside League division 4 game.

Summer Tournament Final Results

posted 24 Aug 2018, 01:00 by Kevin Walsh

 Our highly successful Summer Tournament had 13 participants who between them played over 80 competitive games.

 The winner was Kevin Walsh with 26 points, closely followed by the runner-up Carl Kennedy with 24 points.
 The match outcomes and final table are shown in the attached file.

 Thanks are due to Phil Ramsey who organised the tournament.

Outcomes of the 2017-18 Season

posted 20 Jul 2018, 10:28 by Kevin Walsh

 All Southport teams had extremely successful seasons, but despite this just failed to win any silverware.

 The 1st Team finished 2nd in Division 2,  despite the poor start to the season when one match had to be defaulted because of player non-availability. the 1st Team player of the Year was Fergal Wright with 10.5 points  - an 80.8% success rate.

 The 2nd Team finished 2nd Division 4. and completed the season without having to default a single board despite the numerous trips to the Wirral. The 2nd team Player of the Year was Danny Green with 13.5 points out a possible 16. Danny was also the joint Division 4 player of the year.

 In the Knotty Ash Cup the Southport team made it all the way to the final - but missed out on silverware by finishing runners up.

Lightning Tournament - Tuesday 28th August

posted 12 Jul 2018, 11:12 by Kevin Walsh

 To start the new Chess season we will be holding a Lightning Tournament on Tuesday 28th August - further details to follow.

 In a Lightning Tournament a buzzer sounds every 10 seconds and, on the buzzer, the player due to move must make his/her move. The move must take place on the buzzer - not before or after. If you put your opponent in Check, you do not have to announce "check"; if the opponent is still in check after he/she has made their move you take the King to terminate the game.

Privacy Policy

posted 4 Jun 2018, 10:33 by Kevin Walsh

 The club has now published its Privacy Policy - developed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations which came into force on 25th May 2018. 

2nd Team - Mid-season Report

posted 31 Jan 2018, 07:35 by Kevin Walsh

 At the half-way point of the season Southport 2nd team find themselves in the top half of the table having played 9, won 5, drawn 1 and lost 3.

 One of the losses would have be a victory had not one of our players (Phil Ramsey) been deemed ineligible, having being listed for the 1st team. Something neither the player nor the 2nd team Captain was not aware of at the time.

 However, Skelmersdale are the runaway leaders of division 4 and cannot be caught.

 We are in 4th place but looking to improve in the second half ( - in fact the 2nd half of the season started off with two resounding 5-0 victories over Aigburth 4 and Liverpool 4).

 Danny Green is the top player on 7.5 out of 9 matxhes, closely followed by James Foy on 6 out of 8.

 Arnold Topham has settled into the team and has proved a valuable addition having won 3 out of 5 of his games.

 We have also progressed through 2 rounds of the Knotty Ash Cup and play Hoylake in the semi - final.

Peter Jenner, 2nd Team & Knotty Ash Captain

1st Team Mid-season Report

posted 18 Dec 2017, 21:31 by Kevin Walsh

Southport 1 got off to a shaky start, to say the least, with having to default their first game against Atticus 3 due to lack of player availability. A narrow defeat against Liverpool 2 was followed the very next week with a victory against Liverpool 1 then back to back wins places Southport 1 3rd on 7 points behind the two Liverpool teams both one point ahead with 8 points.

This is all the more remarkable as Minda has only been available for 3 games (three games three wins) and the services of Dave Fillis and Danny Green had to be called on. All three players have 100% records so I think for player of the year I may need to massage the results to include games played as well as results. 

2017 commences with 2 away games in January against Widnes 2 and Aigburth 2 and I hope to be able to field a strong team to continue the good work and a top three position.

For the latest league positions see MCA Division 2 standings

Karl Nadin, 1st team Captain

A Christmas Chess Story

posted 5 Dec 2017, 22:40 by Kevin Walsh

  This story was written by Paul Dansey, who tutors our Junior Club members, and hss been published in the Chessgames Winter 2015 Newsletter

 It was early Christmas Eve in Santa's workshop.

The enormous room was filled with toys and other presents ready for delivery by Santa. In one area there were piles of chess sets. As it was a magical time the toys were able to come alive.

A little plastic pawn climbed out of his plastic box. He looked around, there were thousands of plastic chess sets piled up to the ceiling.

Nearby he saw another chess set it was made of gold and silver and covered in precious stones, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Standing by this jewelled box was the figure of a warrior carrying a spear and shield. He was made of gold and also covered in sparkling stones.

He said, "I am a very important king's pawn and my set is going to be a present for an Arab prince. We are worth over a million pounds."

The plastic pawn was amazed.

Nearby he saw a wooden set with a wooden pawn with a similar shape to the plastic pawn but made of polished rosewood.

This wooden pawn said, "My set is going to be used in the next World Chess Championship and it costs over a thousand pounds."

The plastic pawn was very impressed.

He went back to his box, feeling sad and very unimportant.

Santa came round and said to the little pawn, "Do not be sad. You are going to be in the stocking of a young chess player who has asked me especially for a chess set so they can practice at home and improve for when they play games at their junior chess club. 

I have had letters from lots of young chess players asking for chess books or chess sets for Christmas so they can get better at playing this wonderful game.

The jewelled chess set and the championship chess set are not going to be used much but your set is going to have a lot of use. You are going to give a lot of fun to the young chess player
. So remember: all pawns are important".

Copright Paul Dansey 2014

2nd Team Bounce Back

posted 4 Oct 2017, 08:40 by Kevin Walsh

 After their 4.5 - 1.5 home defeat against Wallasey D last week, Southport 2nd team bounced backon Tuesday 2nd October with a decisive 5.5 - 0.5 victory over their visitors Liverpool 4.

 Individual results were:
Southport 2            Liverpool 4
P Ramsey      1  -  0       P Leonard
C Kennedy     ½  - ½      A Khwider
J Foy              1  -  0       J Frost
J Rothwell      1  -  0       P Grown
D Green         1  -  0       S Hebden
K Walsh         1  -  0       R Quigley
Result      5 ½ - ½

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