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New Club Sponsor

posted 3 Feb 2017, 06:52 by Kevin Walsh

 We are pleased to announce that Big Game Hunters are a new sponsor for the Chess Club.

 Big Game Hunters are the Play Experts selling a huge range of outdoor toys and games.

They specialise in giant games including giant chess sets and have kindly donated one for our Junior Chess Club.

You can view all of their giant chess sets here.

Mid-Season Grades are now Available

posted 1 Feb 2017, 11:05 by Kevin Walsh

 The ECF has released its mid-season grading list for January 2017.

2nd Team Draw against Aigburth

posted 25 Jan 2017, 10:41 by Kevin Walsh   [ updated 25 Jan 2017, 10:42 ]

 On Tuesday 24th January, In their first match of the new year,  Southport 2 drew at home against Aigburth 4
Southport 2                              Aigburth 4
Carl Kennedy (129)          ½ - ½          W Cook (128)
P Jenner (125)                  1- 0             A Bond (110)
K Walsh (100)                  ½ - ½            J McCormick (112)
S James (99)                     0- 1            S Kane (106)
J Foy (65)                         1 – 0            W Collinson (89)
L Bennett (-)                    0 - 1             A Thomas (98)        
                     Result 3 – 3

Frodsham Weekend Chess Congress

posted 22 Jan 2017, 09:37 by Kevin Walsh

 The 14th Frodsham Weekend Congress will be held on 3rd-5th February.

 Sections: Under 120, Under 160, Open (FIDE Rated)
 Fischer time controls
 Part of the ECF Grand Prix
 Chess Essentials bookshop
 Parallel Go tournament on the Saturday with special arrangements for players in both.
 Ample free parking
 Refreshments available (limited on Friday evening)
 Easy access from the M56.
 The entry fee for the Under 120 and Under 160 sections is £27. ECF members (Silver and above) may deduct £7.
 The entry fee for the Fide-rated Open is £30. ECF members (Gold and above) may deduct £10.

 For all sections: Seniors and Juniors (65+ and 18- on 1/9/2015) may deduct £4. A late entry fee of £4 applies for entries received after Wednesday 3rd. Feb.

 Full details may be found on the attached entry form.

 Entries can be sent by post, emailed to or by telephone, 01928 719787 or 07816 200512.

Christmas Closure

posted 19 Dec 2016, 12:02 by Kevin Walsh

 The last club meeting of 2016 will be on Tuesday 20th December. There is no meeting on Tuesday 27th. The first meeting in the New Year will be on Tuesday 3rd January.

Junior Chess Update

posted 28 Nov 2016, 03:36 by Kevin Walsh

 Karl Nadin, our Junior Club organiser, has provided the following  update on the progress of the Junior team.

 Southport Juniors played three matches In the MCA Junior League on Saturday 12th November and won all three, with the following results:

Merchant Taylors Senior Girls B Southport Juniors
Alice Williams 0-1 Kevin Zheng
Olivia Gregg 0-1 Nickolas Chatten
Emma Williams 1-0 Drew Needham
Molly Deun 1-0 Shay Chalton
Hannah Byone 0-1 Lilly Davis


Southport Juniors
Merchant Taylor Stanfield
Kevin Zheng 1-0 Harriett Baybutt
Nickolas Chatten  1-0 Aaron Fredy
Drew Needham 0-1 Freya Kelly
Lilly Davis 1-0 Sadie Holt
George Walton 1-0 Josh Kelly


Merchant Taylor Boys
Southport Juniors
Adam Blagbrough 0-1 Drew Needham
Thomas Fielding Link 0-1 Nickolas Chatten
Sam Fell 0-1 Kevin Zheng
Hugh Bonner 0-1 Lilly Davis
William Cunliffe 0-1 Ethan Dawson


A wonderful result from a great day. Our boys and girls played and behaved so well – we all can be very proud indeed. We arrived for 10am and finished by 12:30hrs with Merchants Boys School providing an excellent venue (although parking was a bit stressful) and refreshments. Many thanks to Lisa Rogers and John Bradshaw from Merchants and of course our very own Paul Dansey for their organisation and support on the day.

 In a previous match, on 25th October, the Junior team lost out to Liverpool, who are a tough team with the majority players from the formidable Sacred Heart:

Southport Juniors
Foy, James  ½-½  Bashar Rovez
Oliver Skidmore 0-1 Frank Hudson
Kevin Cheung 0-1 Joshua Roque
Kelly Zheng 0-1 Luke Maher
Shay Chalton 0-1 Alex Griffith

 There are three more matches to play
•    Wirral Ranging Bulls
•    Wirral Battling Bishops
•    Merchant Taylors Senior Girls A

  Southport Juniors are currently top of the MCA Junior League:

Southport Juniors
Liverpool Juniors
Merchant Taylors Senior Girls' A
Wirral Raging Rooks
Merchant Taylors' Senior Girls' B
Wirral Battling Bishops
Team Queen and the Little Pawn
Merchant Taylors Junior Boys

 Karl Nadin, Junior Club Organiser, Southport Chess Club

Resounding win against Hoylake

posted 14 Nov 2016, 12:00 by Kevin Walsh

  On Thursday 3rd November, Southport 2 travelled to Hoylake and achieved an emphatic 5-1 victory over Hoylake 3 in Division 4 of the Merseyside Chess League:

Hoylake 3     v     Southport 2
 R Tatar                0-1         C Kennedy
R Ledgard             0-1         P Jenner
A Clarke               0-1         S James
P Steeples            1–0          J Varney
C Hughes             0-1         K Walsh
J Smallthwaite      0-1         B Pursall
Result         1-5

New Venue for Southport Chess Club

posted 24 Jun 2016, 10:17 by Kevin Walsh   [ updated 24 Jun 2016, 10:23 ]

 From the 19th July onwards the Chess Club will meet at a new venue - the Conservative Club, 20 Bath St, Southport PR9 0DA 

 This is a very convenient town centre venue in easy walking distance from Southport Railway station or from the Lord Street Bus Stops.

 New members are always welcome!

Open Evening

posted 9 Jun 2016, 10:12 by Kevin Walsh

 Have you ever thought about playing chess? Do you play but would like to understand more about this great, ancient battle game?

 Playing chess keeps the brain active in later years and helps mould thought processes as youngsters develop. Indeed, so much so, that in some schools chess is now part of the main stream curriculum.

 Come to The Mount, Manchester Road Tuesday 21st June 2016 at 7.30 pm.

 Southport Chess Club is hosting an open evening where beginner and novice players will be most welcome.

 This informal evening will kick off with a brief talk about the history of chess or at least one version of how chess came into being. The basic playing rules will be demonstrated and there will be hand-outs to take away.

 On hand will be regular members of the club to challenge to a casual game and there will be a refreshments provided during the evening.

 Southport Chess Club is one of the oldest club’s in the UK and plays in The Merseyside League where they have a team in division 4 and one in division 2. There is also a thriving junior section where children from aged 5 to 16 learn and enjoy chess.

Karl Nadin's Chess Tutorial

posted 23 Mar 2016, 13:44 by Kevin Walsh   [ updated 24 Mar 2016, 03:44 ]

 On Tuesday 22nd March our 1st team Captain ran a Tutorial for all Chess Club members.

 The Tutorail covered the following topics:
  • Opening moves  - some general theory, concentratrating on a couple of openings/defences.
  • Middle game  -  what to try to achieve.
  • End game  -  some general pointers.
 There was a large turnout for this event, and some atteendees requested a copy of Karl's Tutorial Notes and the moves of one of the games used to illustrate his talk:
  •  The Tutorial notes are attached below.
  •  The game has been included in our Featured Games section and can be found at the top of the list under the title:
              " Demonstrating the importance of a) development and b) outposts"

 Karl would welcome your feedback and any comments or queries you might have. You can contact Karl on

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