Eric Cartman

Full Name: Eric Theodore "Fatass" Cartman
Status: Fatass
Hobbies: Making ten million dollars, tricking Butters, eating fatty foods
Hair Color: Brown
Jacket Color: Red
What is Cartman?
Cartman is a lying, cheating, obese, misanthropic asshole.

Eric Cartman, usually referred to as "Cartman", seemingly as a sign of disrespect by his friends, has no sense of empathy. Arguably the main antagonist of the show, he also has the most scenes. Cartman's goal in life is to acquire "ten million dollars", and is is revealed in "Cartmanland" that he wants an amusement park all for himself from this money. He's also not above lying and manipulating the odds extensively to get what he wants. Despite being 8-10 years old, he goes to extreme lengths to get revenge on his foes, seen in "Scott Tenorman Must Die" when he tricks the titular character into eating his parents' remains. It's likely the reason that Cartman's such an asshole is because of his mother, who lets get away with pretty much anything he wants. For these reasons, no one respects the boy, and it has earned him the nickname "Fatass". Cartman also claims that Kenny is his best friend, which Kenny actually agrees with. However, it is implied that the others only stay friends with him to make sure he hurts no one else. Despite Cartman's evilness, nothing bad ever seems to happen to him, or at least it's reversed by the end, very much to Kyle's chagrin.

"No kitty, that mah pot pie!"
"Oh yeah? Well guess what? Screw you guys, I'm goin' home!"
"Hey! Respect my authoritah!"
"But moooooom!"