Belaedrys playing the lute, accompanied on the harp by Livvy, Imladris server, kin Phoenix Reborn

Uxbridge neighborhood, the home of the kin Phoenix Reborn, is south of Bree Town in the realm of Middle Earth [Imladris server]. That is where you'll often find me - tending to my house and grounds, often with my head stuck in the vault sorting and rearranging my many outfits and hats, or traipsing about Uxbridge looking in on my neighbors.

My name is Belaedrys Tihralan, an elven hunter. The things that I enjoy most about life in Middle Earth are my homes, my outfits, finding favourites places to spend some time, playing music with friends and most of all - festivals!

There are guides that have been written about the various Festivals in Middle Earth. They have been very helpful to me, although there is nothing like running about to all the Festival grounds and seeing just what is there. I would like to provide my own festivals experiences and share why I love to attend the festivals.

I'll share pictures of different decorating themes at my house in Uxbridge and some of my favourite decorating items. There are many unique items of clothing and hats, and now that we have many more dye colours perhaps I'll share some of those clothing items that I love.

In my travels about Middle Earth I have come upon places that are beautiful, mysterious, remote or are filled with a wealth of resources. My friends and I have often talked about where the best place is for finding abundant supplies of animal hides, the best sources for minerals and ores, or the whereabouts of some rare elusive creature. Here we can record those places so that we may all return to them if we wish.

Let's also not forget about our favourite fishing holes - who does not want their very own fifty pound salmon trophy!

If you have anything that you would like to contribute to these pages, please email me at belaedrys at gmail dot com.