An Invitation from our Secretariat:

On behalf of the entire staff of SouthMUNC, we would like to welcome you to  for the West-Windsor-Plainsboro High School South Model United Nations Conference!

After many years of thriving on the competitive Model UN circuit, West Windsor Plainsboro High School South MUN has decided to start its own conference, SouthMUNC, to be held in the spring.

South MUN proudly maintains a 40-year legacy as one of the most successful public schools in the nation, being recognized by a variety of universities and organizations, including the UNA-USA organization. SouthMUN has been featured by many media outlets in recent years, most notably by Subway® in their "High School Heroes Campaign" for their successes in both the local and national spotlights. 

Our experience and history gives us an understanding that we will use to create a variety of committees, ranging from large General Assemblies to small experimental committees, with a focus on committees that emphasize the current global position. These committees will be accessible to delegates of all skill levels. Each of our committees will be staffed by knowledgeable students, who have had years of experience in the WWPHS South MUN club.

We hope you will enjoy SouthMUNC 2014! If you have any questions please feel free to email!

The SouthMUNC 2014 Secretariat