The Invitational Summer Institute: Where it all begins...



        I will never regret the month of summer that I dedicated to becoming not only a better teacher, but also a better writer.  The success I feel in having been a part of our community of writers, fills me with hope that my classroom can be transformed... Diane Green, So. Forrest, SI 2009

I feel as though I have finally received true insight into how children learn and how writing enhances learning.  I am so excited about raising my teaching to a new level.  I am also extremely motivated to share with the teachers around me and encourage them to pursue the Institute.  Imagine how the environment of our school would change if just a half-dozen teachers would go through the Institute.  We need this kind of teaching across grades in order to truly prepare our students for challenges.  Vicki Grinnell,   2nd grade Petal , SI 2009

           I am incredibly excited about writing.  My mind was most stimulated today when I was writing the personal response to the Cisneros prompt.  The revision activity gave me direction for my revision, but we only had a short while to make changes.  The experience made me want to write more.    Natalie Sumrall,   Petal High School, SI 2009

               The SMWI has been the best professional development event of my career.  Many times I have attended trainings and come away disappointed because I had ideas but they were ideas that I already knew about and used in my classroom.  I had the feeling that I was on a higher plane than others in education.  I wasn’t a beginner but I wasn’t where I wanted to be either.  The institute has given me a new philosophy of writing that can be adapted into my literacy teaching.     Phyllis Armstrong, WCU, SI 2008

Another positive aspect of the project was the laid back attitude.  Even though we accomplished a lot, we rarely saw the frazzled nerves that usually accompany an intense learning experience.  The writing project has been a very positive experience for me and has given me a shot of adrenaline that I will take back to my students.   I feel lucky to have had this opportunity.    James Pittman, Stone County, SI 2008

        Wow, what a month! When I began the institute, I had no idea how much I would be pushed to think about my teaching practices, my writing process, and current theories of teaching writing.  LeAnne Pennell, So. Forrest, SI 2009