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13/02/18 - Cattle Egret - Thornton Reservoir - still just SW of Thornton off Main Street in horse field behind Sharp's Close.
11/02/18 - Black-throated Diver - Albert Village Lake - this morning.
11/02/18 - Smew - Rutland Water NR - 2 2 ad/drk at Egelton NR on Lagoon IV also ad/drk on Lagoon III plus LNY American Wigeon.
11/02/18 - Smew - Eyebrook Reservoir - 2 1/drk off Stoke Dry c/pk. 
10/02/18 - Cattle Egret - Thornton Reservoir - just SW of Thornton off Main Street in horse field behind Sharp's Close.
10/02/18 - Red-breasted Merganser - Saddington - fem still late morning also Great White Egret.
07/02/18 - Great White Egret - Rutland Water NR - at Egleton NR
07/02/18 - 12:00 - Hawfinch - Burbage Common - at extension off Burbage Common Road in the field with hay bales.
07/02/18 - Siberian Chiffchaff - Wigston - on S edge of sewage works this morning.
07/02/18 - Cattle Egret - Thornton - at Warwick Close showing well.
07/02/18 - LNY - Hawfinch - Burrough Hill CP - in tree by c/pk feeders.
07/02/18 - LNY - Red-necked Grebe - still in South Arm III also c.5 Scaup, Black-necked Grebe in North Arm plus 13 Smew at Egleton NR

11/01/18 - Hawfinch - Ibstock - at St.Deny's Churchyard at midday. 
11/01/18 - 12:30 - Smew - Rutland Water NR - 6 at Egleton NR from Plover Hide. 
11/01/18 - 09:21 - Smew - Eyebrook Reservoir - 3 drk this morning.
03/01/18 - American Wigeon - Rutland Water NR - ad/drk still at Egleton NR on Lagoon II
03/01/18 - LNY - Great Northern Diver - Rutland Water NR - 2 at the E end of Humbleton Peninsula in Barnhill Creek plus 1 in South Arm I near Teal Hide.

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