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Implementing the Plan

Adoption of the New Community Plan is intended to implement changes to zoning, amend land use plan designations and establish overlay zones as appropriate.
In concert with the proposed Plan amendments, new zones, implemented by ordinance, may be necessary to maintain Plan consistency. These zone changes would serve to set the underlying parameters for development regarding height of structures, setbacks, density and intensity, open space, use of land, parking and design.
Overlay zones, districts and other plans will additionally tailor these development regulations in order to enhance the unique character of neighborhoods while accommodating growth at preferred locations. Areas of focused implementation will include most major east/west commercial and industrial corridors as well as transit-oriented development areas located adjacent to the Mid-City Exposition (Expo) and Green Line Light Rail Transit Corridors. Finally, these overlay district areas have also been drafted to address the potential historic and cultural opportunity areas located throughout the Community Plan Area.

Proposed CPIO District Maps
Proposed Land Use Change Area Recommendations 
Table (not yet released) 
Map (not yet released) 
Citywide Design Guidelines  
The Citywide Design Guidelines serve to implement the 10 Urban Design Principles, a part of the Framework Element. These principles are a statement of the City’s vision for the future of Los Angeles, providing guidance for new development and encouraging projects to complement existing neighborhood form and character while promoting design excellence and creative infill development solutions in order to enhance the built environment in Los Angeles.