The Draft South Los Angeles New Community Plan is organized into six chapters. Each chapter is further organized into sections that address specific topics described below.

Chapter 1
Introduction & Orientation: describes how to use the Community Plan by providing a reader’s guide for understanding the Plan and reviewing its relationship to the City’s General Plan as well as plans developed by other City agencies.

Chapter 2
Community Background: provides an overview of the historical development of the community by describing its relationship to adjoining communities, its environmental setting, its existing land uses as well as identifying population, employment, housing trends and other projections.

Chapter 3
Land Use and Urban Design: expresses the community’s vision for the future. In particular, this chapter describes the community’s land uses and specifies goals and policies that address residential, commercial, and industrial development. It further outlines implementation strategies and programs relative to commercial revitalization,                                                health and sustainability as well                                            as historic preservation and the                                            conservation of neighborhood                                                character.

Chapter 4
Mobility: defines goals and policies for the community’s circulation system, focusing on enhancing mobility and access to all system users. Each mode of transportation is discussed, including walking, bicycling, public transit, and driving. 

Chapter 5
Community Services and Facilities: describes key public services and infrastructure, including police, fire and emergency services, libraries, parks, open space, the urban forest, schools, water, wastewater, solid waste, power and street lighting. The service provider, existing facilities and service levels, future needs, and issues are identified for each of these facilities                                         or services. 

Chapter 6
Implementation: describes the process for implementing the Plan’s policies through a variety of implementation programs
. Each Community Plan policy in Chapters 3, 4, and 5 is implemented by one or more implementation programs. This chapter describes the implementation action, responsible implementing                                                        City department or agency, and                                             schedule for policy                                                                 implementation.