CPAC: Community Plan Advisory Committee 
The South Los Angeles Community Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) is a group of South LA stakeholders, residents, and business owners, appointed by the Council Offices and established to review and advise the Department of city Planning throughout the Community Plan update process. The South LA NCP and the Southeast LA NCP are the only community plans that have CPACs. 

The Department of City Planning would like to extend our greatest appreciation to all the individuals who are members of the South LA CPAC, community representatives who have devoted countless hours in the update of the South LA Community Plan. Their time and commitment will help transform the region of South LA into a healthy urban community that can provide a higher quality of life for the residents of South LA.

Thank you SLA CPAC Members:
Robert Rubin, Chair 
South LA Stakeholder/Business owner Vermont Village CDC
Rachel Capata, Vice Chair
Normandie 5 PAC/NANDC, South LA Resident

Stephanie Ardrey
South LA Stakeholder/Ardrey Group
Ines M. Broussard
Vermont/Manchester CAC, South LA Resident
Celia Castellanos
Teacher, South LA Resident

Wanda Garcia
Western/Slauson CAC, South LA Resident
David Galaviz
South LA Stakeholder, University of Southern California-Local Government Relations Rep.

Richard Parks
South LA Resident

Monic Uriarte
Esperanza Community Housing Corporation, South LA Resident
Former CPAC Members:

Sandra E. Cox 
Coalition of Mental Health Professionals, Inc. Business Owner, South LA Resident

Maggi Fajnor (in memory of)
North University Park Specific Plan DRB, South LA Resident

Lupe Gonzalez 
Esperanza Community Housing Corporation, South LA Resident 

Lizette Hernandez 
Community Coalition, South LA Resident

Darryl Holter
Business Owner Exposition University CAC, South LA Stakeholder

Denise Hunter
FAME, South LA Stakeholder

Michael Stewart
Grumpy Old Men, South LA Stakeholder