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City Council
The South Los Angeles Community Plan was adopted on November 22, 2017. It's implementing ordinances, the South LA CPIO and Zoning Ordinance, were adopted on December 12 and are effective on December 29, 2018.

City Planning Commission (CPC)
The CPC recommended approval of the proposed South and Southeast LA Community Plans on June 22, 2017.
(Staff Report and Exhibits can be found on the Welcome page). Notice of Public Hearing 

Community Outreach Process
The South Los Angeles New Community Plan program has included an extensive community outreach component in order to identify and address prevailing community issues. Recommended changes to the South Los Angeles Plan and its policies and programs are based on continued public input and collaboration with other city departments and governmental agencies. Since 2007, numerous public meetings have been held to identify key issues, and there are more meetings to come as the Plan moves toward final adoption. 

The Department launched a comprehensive public outreach program for the South LA NCP in 2007, and has continued throughout the adoption process, including two official Public Hearings conducted by Hearing Officers at venues in the community, a presentation before the South LA Area Planning Commission, and a Public Hearing at the City Planning Commission.  There will also be a Public Hearing at the Planning and Land Use Management Committee meeting of the City Council, which will lead to a final hearing before the City Council.

To date, we have conducted Several Phases of Public Outreach which included over 100 meetings with neighborhood councils, residential block groups, faith-based institutions, CRA Community Advisory Committees, community-based organizations, affordable housing advocates and developers, focus groups with South LA residents, business owners and other stakeholders. Planning staff meets continually with other City Departments and Agencies, as well as with the designated council offices the represent portions of the South LA Plan area, including Council District 1, 8, 9, 10, and 15. As part of the tailored extensive public outreach plan for the South LA NCP, a Community Plan Advisory Committee was also established. 

  • Phase I Public Outreach (2007)
    • Meet with Neighborhood councils, community organizations and residents for first round of public outreach
  • Phase II Public Outreach (2008) 
    • Conduct additional meetings as part of round two of public outreach. Revisit with summary of community input and potential implementation alternatives.
  •  Phase III Public Outreach (2009)
    • Two Public Workshops were conducted. Staff presented preliminary plan concepts and gathered feedback. The first Public Workshop was held at the Galen Center on October 2009. The second workshop was held at the Constituent Service Center on November 2009. See below. 
  • Adoption (2016-2018)
    • Office Hours - November 14-19, 2016: A preview of all open house materials was provided at various locations throughout South & Southeast Los Angeles.
    • Open House & Public Hearings - December 2016: Saturday, December 3 at Bret Harte Middle School and Tuesday, December 6 at LATTC.
    • South Los Angeles Area Planning Commission (APC) - Tuesday, June 6, 2016: The South and Southeast Los Angeles Proposed Plans were presented as an advisory item.
    • City Planning Commission (CPC) - June 22, 2017: The City Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the proposed South and Southeast LA Community Plans at a meeting held in the community at the Crenshaw Christian Center.  (South Los Angeles & Southeast Los Angeles Community Plan Updates - Notice of Public Hearing)
    • PLUM Committee of the City Council - November 21, 2017
    • City Council - November 22, 2017
    • PLUM & City Council for final adoption of ordinances - December 2018

   Previous Meetings and Workshops:

        2008 - EIR Scoping Meetings - Expo Recreation                Center & Algin Sutton Recreation Center 
        Notice of Preparation (NOP) 

Oct. 2009 - Galen Center Joint Public Workshop for South & Southeast LA Community Plans

On October 3, 2009 nearly 200 community members participated at South & Southeast LA Joint Public Workshop at the Galen Center. The event featured stations and display boards highlighting some of the proposed changes related to neighborhood conservation, enhancement of commercial corridors and planning around the Expo Stations.

- More info on this event - Maps/Displays of Preliminary Recommendations

- in the news - read article here


Nov. 2009 - SLA Public Workshop at Constituent Service Center

This workshop was intended to present and discuss the preliminary recommendations for the New Plan that address growth and the top issues brought up by community members throughout South Los Angeles.

March 2016 - SLA Character Residential meetings at the Constituent Service Center and Loren Miller Park Rec Center

At these meetings, Planning staff presented the Character Residential Subarea of the CPIO, and answered questions posed by the community.  See the CPIO and Subarea O map for more information.


(does not include all meetings)