A PBEM Roleplaying Game utilizing 1st and 2nd Edtion AD&D and Arduin 

Welcome to the Southlands PBEM Page.  This website is designed to facilitate the Southlands Fantasy PBEM game.  If you are a player seeking a game or just looking to lurk, feel free to look around and join the mailing list.   Please read the Introduction and Player expectations at the bottom of this page.



Character Building

Campaign Information


What is Expected:

  1. All roleplaying will be done via the mailing list. 
  2. Subject lines should contain Character's name.  Out of character posts should be clearly marked OOC in subject lines. 
  3. If two characters wish to have private conversations, they may communicate via email, but the GM must be CC on all discussions. 
  4. Responses are expected in a timely manner. Some weeks will be slow with one post from the GM and some weeks will see hordes of messages. Please pay attention. If you do not respond and have not left instructions with the GM, your character will be considered an NPC. They will take as little action as is possible and will face as little danger as possible, but the GM will take any action that is necessary should a problem arise.


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