Astronomical Viewings

Tuesday nights (weather dependant) between 7 and 9pm when daylight savings is not in effect, the Southland Astronomical Society has Astronomical Viewings held in the former Tennis Courts just west of the Southland Museum and Art Gallery Pyramid, in Queens Park, Invercargill.

We use our Celestron C8, mounted on a Losmandy G11-G mount, as well as spotting scopes occasionally, to give people the views of a lifetime. Depending on weather, cloud, and whats going on in the sky, to may be able to see the moon, planets, star clusters, and bright nebulae.

We use the Tennis Courts becuase sadly due to Health and Safety concerns, the Observatory has closed. The Southland Astronomical Society is currently investigating options regarding future Observatory locations. Your input is welcomed, please either talk to us at the Tennis Court viewing events, or by email at