Lakeside Cottages

This picture is a picture of seven cottages and it's labeled Lakeside, South Hero. The seven cottages are located on Feather Bed Lane near the cow banks. The cow banks were called the cow banks because the cows would go down the bank and into the water to drink. The cows were owned by L.L Mott.The cottages were built in the 1890s. These cottages were owned by people named Yandow, Douglas, Reynalds, Beaulieu, Haywood, Chase, Bora,and Dewyea. When the cottages were first built they didn't have septic systems now they do though. Thanks to David Carter for helping me learn about these cottages. By Emma Sabourin (June 2012)
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Seven Cottages_Emma.mp3
Sharon Hayes,
May 17, 2012, 11:30 AM