Sand Bar Inn

I studied the Sand Bar Inn. The address is 59 U.S. Route 2. It was built in the early 1820s by Herbert
H. Phelps and Sidney C. Phelps. They were the sons of Benajah Phelps (photo at left). I learned that the Sand Bar Inn
was originally nex
t to the toll-keeper's house. In the 1820s when the Sandbar Bridge was first built, people had to pay tolls to cross. They moved the Sand Bar Inn back because it was right next to the road.
Do you see the motel units in the picture? They were made from other buildings torn down in the 1920s. The Sand Bar Inn is torn down now, but some of the motel units are still there and are being renovated. There are 12 rooms in the mo
tel units, and there were three rooms upstairs in the inn for guests. My dad, who owns it, bought it before I was born; so, I grew up there like a second home. I wish it didn't get torn down. I liked our head chef, Dave. I liked his rolls and especially his soups.
By Lucas Pendolino (June 2012)
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Sharon Hayes,
Jun 2, 2012, 12:38 PM