Robinson Farm

This is a picture of the Robinson farm. The first Robinson who lived in South Hero was Franklin. He
came in 1809. One of his son's was Henry. Henry was a sheep farmer. He had a son named Wallace. When Wallace Robinson took over the farm in 1885, there were 300 acres. He eventually sold machinery, buggies,  sleighs, and hardware. His son, George bought this farm which is across the street. Hank and Patsy Robinson bought the farm in 1960. This barn was built in 1927 as a cow barn. It's always been a cow barn. Milking used to be done by hand and plowing used to be done by horses. Now the cows' tails are clipped so they don't get all dirty. Steve and Kelly Robinson own the farm now. Thank you Steve Robinson, Hank Robinson and my teacher, Dr. Robinson, for helping me with my research. By Griffin Lawrence (June 2012)
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Sharon Hayes,
Jun 1, 2012, 8:30 AM