Granny's Attic

These photos are pictures of Granny's Attic over time. It was built in 1816. It is located on Route 2, across from the historical museum. Originally, the building was a protestant church and the Town Hall. But in the 1920's it was a school for grades 5-8. Later it was a high school called Maple Lawn Academy. The teacher's name was Fannie Stephens.

There is a cool story I want to tell you about the school! Lucy Allen, (a senior) became the minister's bride a few months after the minister gave the graduation speech.

Now Granny's Attic sells antiques and part of their profits goes to giving our school books through the RIF program. Thank you Granny's Attic! I want to thank Hazel Quelch for helping me gather this research. I had a lot of fun researching Granny's Attic and I hope we can do it again! By Erin Heslop (June 2012)

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Sharon Hayes,
May 17, 2012, 11:19 AM