Summer Tournaments

Post date: Sep 2, 2013 3:48:37 PM

It's been a great summer of volleyball! This summer South Hants players entered the following tournaments:

Newbury (Captain = Kat)

Bath Div 1 ladies plate WINNERS!! = Foxy chicks: Captain MBP

Hampshire (Team 1 WINNERS!! Captain = Matt) 

(Team 2 Captain = Ally)

Bordon (We had lots of teams here plus an official South Hants one)

Bath other teams (Ladies team = Captain Lana, Mens team 1 = FINALISTS!! Captain Stuart, Mens team 2 = Captain Rob)

Cambridge (Team 1 = Captain Chris) (Team 2 = Captain ?)


Roke South Hants Div 4 WINNERS!! Captain = Doug (Coach and assistants = Joze, Lukas, Klara, Isobel and Eliza)

(Team = Michael, Phillip, Stuart, Blanka, Nat, Doug, Kat, Louise, Rosie, Eva)

Most of the club also played across various divisions in the IBM local tournament. Sorry if I have missed anyone out! See how they did below.

IBM division 1 = Knockers and Knackers 4TH (Mich, Toni, Jila)

                        Pants 5TH (Paul)

IBM division 2 = Shy teds WINNERS!! (Matt T, Kat, Aidan, Matt J)

                        Something about a beach club 2ND (Matt J, Scott)

                        Mighty Morphin flower arrangers 3RD (Rob, Lana, Nat, Doug, Tom, Louise, Rosie)


IBM division 4 = Balls deep WINNERS!! (Sam, Vicky)

                        South Hants Juniors (SHJ) 2ND (Bev, Michael, Phillip, Harry, Morgan........)

                        South Hants --> The official team 3RD (Sue, Richard, Gavin, Sam, Vicky, Lara, Debbie)