Match Reports

Sunday 25th September 2016

SOUTH HANTS SITTING Team vs Essex Pirates and Ashcombe

Tier 2 welcomed some new teams to the Grand Prix, with Ashcombe and London Docklands joining forces for the event and South Hants being represented at the Grand Prix for the first time. In the early games Ashcombe and London Docklands were starting to gel as a team, as their performances improved, despite losing to both Essex Pirates and South Hants. In the first match between Essex Pirates and South Hants, it was South Hants to took the victory 2-0 (25-21, 26-24), meaning that they had the upper hand going into the reverse fixture, but given the performance Essex Pirates still had everything to play for in the battle for promotion to Tier 1. In the second round of matches between the three teams, Ashcombe and London Docklands won their first set as they lost a competitive match against Essex Pirates 1-2 (25-23, 16-25, 8-15). Ashcombe and London Docklands then went on to improve the sets scores they achieved against South Hants in their second game against them. The final match of the day saw Essex Pirates face South Hants for a place in Tier 1 at the next Grand Prix. South Hants applied the early pressure in the game, taking the first set 25-21, Essex Pirates fought back to take the 2nd Set, setting the match up perfectly to decide who would be promoted to Tier 1. In the final set, South Hants demonstrated their superiority to take the set 15-6, and the match 2-1, meaning they will be promoted to Tier 1 for the next Grand Prix.

Result: Promotion to tier 1

Sunday 2nd November 2014


Result: South Hants lost 3:0 (22-25, 23-25, 15-25)

Tier 2 MVP – Raz Toader, South Hants

 With South Hants on the back of better than expected performances last fixture, they entered the venue full of optimism ahead of the match against previously relegated New Forest. Two men were missing, with Ian having left England for a weekend of shenanigans and sangria in Spain and Neal touring his family around London. Doug, on the right side of man flu and the wrong side of an agonisingly slow hand injury recovery, lead the expectant crowd in a nonexistent stream of chants and cheers.

The day got off to a poor start with Rob missing the warm up as a second referee failed to show, forcing Super Sue to step up to stand in. Our first six was made up of Attwood, Towell, Gunner, Derbyshire, Stokes and Taylor. South Hants took an early break of points following their  gameplay specific warm up. After a huge single handed block, toward the end of the set Nathan was haunted and plagued by a previous punctured lung, forcing a substitution. Mark Towers on for Nathan. Coach Mark was determined to practice what he preaches, with a selection of great sets and a perfect example of how not to set the ball and head it. The set was lost 25-22.

A change of ends and scenery could be the breath of humid sports hall air South Hants eagerly needed to put their stamp on the game. Mark had reached his playing quota and subbed himself off for Mark Harvey, utilising Gunner in the vacant outside hitting position. New Forest took the lead after some great displays of 3 ball volleyball, splitting our blockers and grounding the ball relentlessly. Spirits were raised after Harvey punished New Forest with a deadly unopposed short middle hit straight down the middle of the court. What followed unfortunately were lazy and uncontrolled passes from South Hants and an array of misplaced attacks all round. When the ball was passed well, Taylor proved our main weapon throttling endless attacks out wide. The momentum was lost after a string of questionable serves, but regained with captain Attwood firing in an array of technically accurate serves towards the final moments. Sadly, the second set was taken by New Forest 25-23.

The referee signalled for the end of the set and an almost vacant South Hants marched past the encouraging eyes of the home fans. The third set was started with the same rotation as the second. Evidently, the approach South Hants took was from the same hymn sheet of the second set. Towell had some excellent pick ups, and Harvey was consistent with his digs. However, scores of poor passes and misread defences lead to numerous timeouts, which were to no avail as New Forest wanted the 3-0 win more than South Hants wanted to force three more sets. 25-15. 

Thanks to Andy and Sam for doing the lines, Sue for 2nd reffing, and Kat and Lana for doing the table. Our thoughts go out to Derbyshire as he puts his feet up in hospital getting naturally high on oxygen. Roll on the return of Doug Vs Guildford International and far off travellers Kernow in South Hants' next triangular fixture on Saturday 22nd November at Guildford.

Another good 3-2 win for South Hants on Sunday. This moves them to 3rd in the league, with a few games in hand over their closest rivals. Consistent attacking and good on court communication gave the team the edge in the first set.  This was an encouraging start against a team above them in the league, and yet to lose a match. South Hants fielded the same line-up for the second set. Team South Wales came out after the break with more energy and a run of good serves resulted in them pulling away early by a few points. South Hants never managed to regain any momentum, reflected in the final set score of 14-25. South Hants fielded a slightly different line-up for the third set. TSW did have some good runs of play leading to another close set but the home team looked in total control and the line-up change worked well with South Hants winning the set  25-21. TSW took the four set 15-25 with South Hants losing concentration.The final set produced more good play from South Hants, with more strong serving and hitting from the whole team. The front row worked hard on the block which put the pressure back on TSW. The set was won 15-11 and therefore South Hants took the match 3-2. A really good performance from the team. Let’s hope current form will continue for this Saturday’s match against Reading Aces 1.

 Blanka Wood – Team South Wales player of the match

Jila Hegan – South Hants player of the match

 Food Rating: - 10/10!!

With the support of a large home crowd, South Hants got off to a bold start to their season, in a challenging match against the new entrants to the division, Bristol 1.

The teams both appeared to get straight into the game and were closely matched for most of the first set. Building on their practice in the weeks before the match, the home team worked hard and strong serving from Michelle Rex helped the set to close at 25 – 21 to South Hants.

In the second set South Hants were ahead throughout, with good serving from the team and dominating attacking from Blanka Wood, the set went to South Hants 25 – 15.

In a total turnaround, Bristol had the edge in the third set, a very long run of serves from Nicola Breaks helped the side to win the set 25 – 16.

South Hants struggled to recover their form, losing the fourth set 25 – 12, but with encouragement from coach, Bev Cooper, they managed to revive their spirits, and show their experience, taking the fifth set 15 – 13 to narrowly win the match 3:2.

Overall a good win for South Hants. Fantastic hitting and blocking from Natalie Patrick in her first national league match, and a promising opening to the season from all the team. Well done to everyone and huge thanks to our supporters.

Bristol nominated Michelle Rex to receive player of the match.

Sunday 30th September 2012


Result: South Hants won 3:2 (25 – 21, 25 – 15, 16 – 25, 12 – 25, 15 – 13)