Welcome to the Website for Southgates!

My particular family of Southgates (on my mother's side) began in North Norfolk, UK. However, the Southgate branches have spread throughout the world now.
It's my hope that we can gather together and share our family information, and create a much wider tree that is useful to all.
If you have Southgate connections (or their family members) come on and share! This site allows you to add material.

The photograph here is of Great Snoring in the 1940's. William Southgate is pushing the bike of his grandson (my brother Roy) and this was taken outside the public house - now a private house - "The Tuns". Also in the photo are my father Jimmy Critchell, my cousin Barbara (daughter of Alex Southgate) and Joan Southgate, both children of William. Before you ask, the little girl in white is me!

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