South Fremantle Playgroup

Playgroups are a great way for your children to interact with
other children in a fun and safe environment, while giving you
the opportunity to interact with other parents.
About the South Fremantle Playgroup

What is our purpose?

The South Fremantle Playgroup aims to provide local families with a friendly and safe environment for small children to socialise and be involved with group activities.  We try to provide a stimulating environment for children where they can build their first friendships and develop socially,  intellectually and physically.  We also try to provide a place for parents to interact and build parenting skills.


The Playgroup meets at 'The Meeting Place' and as such, tries to work in conjunction with the centre to encourage and support parents to be more involved in their local community.

Where do we meet?

The South Fremantle Playgroup meets at 'The Meeting Place' at 245 South Terrace, South Fremantle. 


When do we meet?

The South Fremantle Playgroup meets on Monday mornings from 9:30am to 11:30am during the school term.  ​


What do we do?

The South Fremantle Playgroup runs a typical Playgroup programme with a mixture of free play and organised group activities.  Most sessions include a craft activity, a shared fruit morning tea, and a song or story to finish up.  Our group has a sand pit and a selection of indoor and outdoor toys.


How much does it cost?

The total cost is $140 per year.This includes an insurance fee of $30 and Playgroup fees of $110. Our fees cover the cost of our rent and craft materials etc. Whilst we encourage members to pay annually it is possible to pay by Semester (or Term if necessary).



2014 South Fremantle Playgroup Committee

President: Renee Vasta

Vice-President: Natalie Whitham (Simeons)

Treasurer: Belinda Keenan

Activities Coordinator: Genevieve Gething

Events Officer: Taylor Vagg

Promotions Officer: Isis Nair

Fundraising Office: Jenny Proctor







 Find us

The Meeting Place

More information about The Meeting Place see:

How do I join the South Fremantle Playgroup?
The South Fremantle Playgroup welcomes new members.  Please call our President or alternatively you are welcome to drop in to meet us at our session.  ​We look forward to meeting you soon.
How do I contact you?
Telephone:: (08) 9335 3394
Visit us on facebook