Welcome to the South Florida FTC website. 

The aim of this page is to provide information about upcoming events, keep teams informed and up to date, and provide initial contact to volunteers.

South Florida FIRST Tech Challenge follows the guidelines and rules for Florida FTC and The FIRST Tech Challenge. For information which applies to the entire state or to FIRST Tech Challenge as a whole, be sure to explore the resources at the links below. When in doubt, contact us.

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FTC events are only possible because of dedicated volunteers who help run tournaments, mentor teams, fundraise and more. You do not need to be an expert in robotics to volunteer. You only need a passion for inspiring young minds through the use of STEM. We are seeking referees, scorekeepers, Field Technical Advisors, Judges, Pit Administrators, Queuers, and more. Let us know your interests and background so you can start influencing our next generation of problem solvers.

To get started, email our volunteer coordinator:
Sonja Timmer - timmers@wa.edu