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Mary Kay has returned to TX but we continue to develope and utilise ideas developed when she was here in VA.
I call this one my "Green" approach to wildfire prevention. I have always been told that we need to educate with out using the fire "fear factor". Not so sure about the validity of that for all situations but anyway here is my attempt at the no fire fire message.
 The above is an ad created to run in several FF publications and the program at the upcomminf Fire Chiefs Convention. ( link broken hope to have fixed soon, please check back)
Do you know what the 3 most famous points are in American history?
As Smokey finds it ever more difficult to reach young people through his traditional classroom programs, it would seem that the time is right for him to make his way into the online world of social media (such as Facebook and MySpace).  We can invite people in the Commonwealth and beyond to become Smokey's "friends."  We feel this is a terrific opportunity as a new way of outreach. Not knowing all the ins and outs of this "on line social media" I am going to give it a try and see where it goes. So if you have any ideas after visiting the facebook page of Smokey Bear Virginia let me know as I am building the site. Also spread the word.
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Click here for a set of Fire Danger info sheets that can be easily adapted for your use. Info for the public AND emergency responders.