Wildland FIre prevention and education team logoPrevention teams work to reduce human-caused fires by creating a variety of products to educate the public. These products include a variety of printed materials, radio and television ads, press releases, websites and other media.


Wildfire investigators classify wildfires by cause; for our purposes these products will be grouped by fire cause.


Use these ideas in their present format or create your own for small or large markets.  Get your message out quick, efficiently and effectively! 


Newspapers, flyers, newsletters, programs, bags, door hangers ...

If problems occur, please go to CONTACTS for a name of someone to help.                                                      

4-page Drought Insert/Tabloid for newspapers  

Newspaper products that help get message delivered

Wildfire Prevention Debris Poster (FALL)

Drought Tool Kit

New Posters from VA click here for links to the following posters
1. Burma Shave
2. Fall Colors Your Choice
3. 3 Most Famous Points in American History
4. Priceless
5. Smokey's Prevention Potion
6. Take A Walk On The Wildside