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 Last updated... May 23, 2013

Stop Woods Arson

Woods arson (also called forest arson or wildland arson) is a common term for deliberately burning forests, grasslands, or brush without the owner’s permission. It is a leading cause of wildfire in the southern region. Woods arson is felony under many state laws.

Who Loses When Woods Arson Occurs?

Everybody loses when wildland arsonists strike:

  • Consumers pay more for the thousands of products made from forest materials,
  • taxpayers foot the bill for suppressing the fires,
  • jobs are often eliminated when the resource is reduced, and
  • families living in wooded areas often lose their homes and possessions.
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Comming in September a Mid-Atlantic & Southern Region Prevention and Firewise Exchange Workshop to be held in Virginia.       More Later 


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Georgia  Prevention and Education Team changes 

focus and location. The new home location for the Team is Dillard GA in Rabun County.



2013 Fire Prevention Education Team Webinar


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 RECENT ADDITIONS                 

  Recently the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) hosted a webinar titled "Talking Fire Without Getting Burned".  Please visit the link below for material from this very informative webinar.
On another note, as you all know, prescribed fire is one of our most important tools for resource management in the South.  In an effort to better communicate the benefits of prescribed fire, a Region-wide effort has been ongoing for the past couple years. This initiative  titled "One Message Many Voices"  has led to the development of a variety of educational material and the following web site. 
On this site  any individual can enter their zip code and find outdoor and/or forest related opportunities and get fire benefit messages alomg the way.  On the home page there is a link to another (companion) site
This site specifically communicates the value of fire on the landscape.  The concept around this is that people are most interested in the overall Forest and what it takes for it to be healthy, etc and provide a quality experience for them.  As they search for those experiences, they are exposed to concepts of fire on the landscape, including prescribed fire, rather than being a more direct specific prescribed fire campaign.  
The following have agreed to be the data managers for the state pages. The State Fire Chief or representative should contact their "gatekeeper to have their page updated. This is done NOT to restrict access to the page but rather for better management of the site.
       John Warner: TX, OK, AR, LA
        Robin Bible: TN, KY, MS
        Ronda Sutphen: FL, AL, GA, and PR
        Fred Turck: VA, NC, SC

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